Encouraging your toddler's interests

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Encouraging your toddler's interests

Does your baby have that one interest that seems to outshine all else? Maybe she loves trains, gravitates toward dolls, or has a blast building with blocks. Young toddlers tend not to focus on one activity for particularly long periods of time, as their growing minds are actively seeking out new sensations to explore. But as your baby grows older, you will begin to see her preferences come out through play. Tune into what she enjoys, and play into her passions as you discover her unique tastes.

As your baby grows, she will begin to discover more and more of her unique preferences and interests. Making time in your day for her to explore and do what she enjoys, and to enjoy it with her, can be a great way to get started building a vocabulary of shared interests and activities. While her favorite activities are bound to change over time, keeping your encouragement consistent will help her feel free and supported.

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