Does my toddler need more exercise?

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Does my toddler need more exercise?

Toddlers spend much of their days exploring, which means lots of time spent on the go. Chances are, your baby is pretty active throughout the day, running circles around you as she moves from one activity to the next. (Wouldn’t it be nice if she could lend out some of that excess energy?)

Between all the running, jumping, and climbing toddlers do, it’s a safe bet that they’re getting the exercise they need, but just to be safe, it can be helpful to know how much active playtime they’re supposed to be getting. It’s recommended toddlers get the following amount of activity each day:

If you’re concerned that your baby isn’t getting enough activity in the day, there are a few ways to mix a little extra activity into her routine.

Toddlers are very active by nature, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to make too many changes to your baby’s routine in order to get her moving. If you’re concerned she might be overweight, it may ease your mind to speak to her doctor, since most children grow on their own curve and will even out in time. Toddlers need their downtime, too, but it’s important to balance out the time spent in front of the TV or on the tablet with lots of physical play to be sure she is getting enough physical activity.


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