Craft kits for traveling

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Craft kits for traveling
Making some craft kits to hand to your baby when she gets bored is a good way to keep her entertained when your family is on the road, in the air, or away from home in general. You don't even have to be particularly craft-inclined to assemble some fun things for your baby. Here are some tips for assembling a good, low-mess traveling craft kit for your toddler.

Try to reuse things you would normally recycle

You can save a lot of money by reusing items for craft kits, instead of buying them new. Here are just a few things that can be repurposed for toddler craft use.

Stock up on toddler-friendly craft materials

Of course, there are some craft supplies you may need to go out and purchase. If you can wait, try to go to these stores after holidays, because there will likely be some sales this time of year. Regardless of when you go, once you're there, here are some things to look for.

Spend some time packing and cleaning up

Once you have a reasonable amount of craft materials, you're ready to assemble a craft kit for your baby. It might seem tedious to work on this before a big trip - especially when you probably have your own things to pack - but this preparation will definitely pay off in the long run. Once you're all at the airport or in the car, you really don't want to deal with things like scissors getting taken away at airport security, or glue getting all over a car seat.

Once the trip is over, go over the kits with your baby to make sure that everything gets put away at the end of the trip. This means marker caps are on, glue lids are shut tight, scraps are recycled or thrown away, and anything else that would extend the craft kit's life gets done.

Don't make things too structured

It's good to have some structure and ideas planned ahead of time, but at this age, your baby just needs some items that will keep her interest on what could be a fairly boring car ride or plane ride. Sure, there's always the thrill of being in totally new surroundings, but that might not last for more than an hour (or even half an hour).

Craft kits can be a good way to ensure that if your baby needs entertainment during the trip, she has some options that will be fun and interesting, but will encourage creativity, as well.


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