Birth spacing and your growing family

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Birth spacing and your growing family

While there’s no one right way for a family to grow, there are a few general rules around how to make sure that family grows in a way that’s as physically healthy as possible. Pregnancies that begin less than 18 months after a previous birth can be riskier or less healthy for moms and babies.

How birth spacing can impact pregnancy health

There are a few different ways waiting 18 months or longer after one birth before beginning a new pregnancy can be a healthier choice than a shorter period of time between pregnancies.

When and how to expand your family is a very personal choice, but being informed about the health impact birth spacing can have is an important part of that choice. Having birth control that keeps families as in control of their reproductive health as possible is another important factor. If you’re thinking about the right time to start trying for another baby, it’s always a good idea to have a conversation with your doctor about your health ahead of time.

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