Art supplies and your almost-three-year-old

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Art supplies and your almost-three-year-old

Whether they’re at home, at daycare, or at a kids’ art studio, children about to turn 3 have the energy and creativity to churn out a dazzling array of artwork. From construction paper canvases dripping (literally) with color to three-dimensional macaroni masterpieces, your baby can have a great time producing new artistic masterpieces to decorate your home with, and get the chance to experience new sensations and practice new skills while she does it.

Understanding your blossoming new artist

There’s a reason behind this spurt of Picasso-like productivity. As your baby approaches her third birthday, she has gained increasing fine motor control, which lets her grasp a paint brush, crayon, or glitter tube much more easily than she ever could before. At the same time, toddlers have vivid imaginations, and artwork in all its forms is a great way for your baby to channel - and showcase - these amazing new skills. Plus, could there be anything more fun than finger paint?

Cool supplies to spark creativity

Once your baby discovers the magic of creating her own art, it can be fun to make sure you have some supplies on hand so she can start a project when inspiration hits. You may need to do some shopping to stock up, but you also may have some great items in your home already that your baby can weave into her newest creation.

The art - and science - of staying safe

As with anything toddlers do, your job is to make sure your baby is well-supervised during arts and crafts time, and to keep all supplies in a safe place when they get put away. Read labels when you shop for new products, and focus on materials with the “AP” (Approved Product) label from the Art and Creative Materials Institute (an international organization that certifies arts and crafts materials as safe based on certain specifications) – and make sure all products you buy are lead-free and age-appropriate. Finally, remind your baby that art supplies aren’t for eating - and consider offering her a snack before getting started so that she isn’t hungry or thirsty.


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