Picking out activities for your three-year-old

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Picking out activities for your three-year-old

Is your baby a budding artist, a music lover, a ball of energy who is always on the go, or all of the above?

Deciding which activities to sign a young child up for can be a challenge, but there are definitely enough benefits to group activities to make it worth it. Group activities give toddlers the chance to try and practice things they enjoy and to develop social skills along the way.

If your baby has not been to daycare and is not yet in preschool, getting involved in different activities is also a great way for her to meet new friends, and for you to meet other families in your community. Group activities are also a great way for young children to start to get used to being on a schedule that isn’t centered around them, especially if they haven’t been in daycare.

But the fact that group activities, in general, can be great for growing toddlers doesn’t mean that just any group activity will do, and before you sign your baby up for any new activity, it’s helpful to think about whether it will be a good fit for her interests. A very active child, for example, will have a bit more difficulty with an activity that means she needs to sit and stay focused. On the other hand, shyer or more reserved children may be slower to warm up to very interactive, social activities.

Once you’ve decided on an activity, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. At this age, structured activities are still very new, and your baby may not be quite as ready as you’d thought once the activity gets going. If it seems more stressful than enjoyable for your toddler, it might be time to reassess your choice. On the other hand, activities can be a great way for toddlers to start to get comfortable with skills and activities they’re not familiar with, so giving your little one the chance to try an activity out before deciding whether or not it’s her thing can be helpful, too.

There are a variety of different activities available for children your baby’s age, but here are a few she might be especially ready to try out:

The classes you sign your baby up for won’t necessarily have anything to do with the ones she follows through with as she grows up, but they’re a great way for her to get started exploring her interests.

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