5 simple household objects that double as toddler toys

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5 simple household objects that double as toddler toys

Sometimes keeping your wee one busy isn’t as complicated as it seems. Playing with everyday household objects is not only fascinating for your Toddler, but finding new uses for old items encourages the growth of their imaginations and creative thinking abilities. Skip on some screen time and find the fun right under your noses with these suggestions!

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The importance of options

Letting your toddler decide what the family has for dinner might seem like a recipe for disaster, but offering toddlers choices is an important part of their mental and emotional growth. That doesn't mean you need to agree to having toast for dinner, bet letting your baby start to make a few more choices could be an important part of her development.

Tips for toddler sunburns

A fun day in the sun can easily be followed by a sunburned day on the couch if you don't have quite enough UV protection. Soothing your toddler when she is dealing with a sunburn takes a magic touch (and a little aloe vera).

Weaning your toddler off the pacifier

Binkie, paci, dummy: whatever you call it, the time is coming for your baby to drop the pacifier habit, and as the parent, you'll probably have to step in and get the ball rolling.

Fun and games: toys for bath time

Once upon a time, the best bathtub toy was a rubber ducky. But nowadays there are lots more options for entertaining your baby while she is in the tub.

Well-child visit: 15 months

At this well-child visit, your healthcare provider might be checking on milestones like scribbling, saying one or two words, and listening to stories! your baby is basically a communication genius.

What is separation anxiety in toddlers? When does it end?

Your toddler may be bold as a lion when the adventure is exploring somewhere she shouldn't be, but if she transforms into a lamb - an upset lamb - when you try to leave the house without her, she might have a little bit of separation anxiety.

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