3 years

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3 years

Remember when, when your baby wanted something, her best strategy was pointing at it and shrieking? Remember even longer ago, when all she had for options was staring at something just out of reach and hoping you got the hint - well, that or crying? Well, it’s a good thing that you remember, because your baby doesn’t. It’s rare for people to remember their childhoods going back further than age two or three, and while young children’s memories of babyhood tend to stick around for a little while during toddlerhood, that little while doesn’t last long enough for her to remember too much about her pre-verbal days now.

Now that she’s a great big three-year-old, though, she may start to form some long-term memories that’ll stick with her throughout her life, and her third birthday is a great time to make sure she has a few extra-good ones!

Other exciting new developments now that your baby is three whole years old include doing puzzles with three or four pieces, building towers as many as six blocks high, starting to understand the basic concept of numbers, and turning the pages of books one page at a time - even without your help. your baby is growing into one smart cookie! In the next year, she’ll do even more - build and knock over even taller towers, learn to say more words and to understand even more than that, start to learn things like counting and maybe even some of the alphabet, and do more and more complicated imaginary play.

Another big shift in the year ahead? After the careful beginnings of starting to play with other children this past year, in the coming year, your baby will start to get to the point where she wants to play with other children more than she wants to play by herself most of the time. Many tots start preschool or nursery school around this time, which is pretty perfect timing, but for toddlers who are still at home or in individual care, there are plenty of ways to give them chances to play with others.


Tells a story: Telling a story takes a lot for a toddler, whether it’s a true story or a made-up one. For one thing, it takes quite a few words at a time - storytelling generally isn’t much of an option for tots who aren’t regularly and easily speaking in sentences yet. For another, it takes the strength of long-term memory to tell a story from beginning to end, and the concentration to actually want to. You can encourage your toddler to tell you stories by asking her questions about her day, her thoughts, and her world, but you can’t force it - storytelling will happen when it happens.

Writes their name: There’s no reason for your baby to write her name right now unless she wants to, but if she has shown an interest, or has asked you, you can write out her name in big, clear letters for her to copy, and even start talking to her about which sounds each of the letters make. But if she isn’t showing any interest in writing her name on her own, there’s no real reason to think about it again until the months leading up to starting kindergarten. 


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