Figuring out your 3-year-old's interests

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Figuring out your 3-year-old's interests

Some little ones make their interests known loud and clear, insisting on being decked out in certain clothing, and carrying around that special toy on every simple errand.

For other tots, determining where their interests lie may take a bit more work. If you’re unsure about what activities to sign your baby up for, for example, there are a few things to keep in mind as you try to figure out what she’ll enjoy.

Three-year-olds are beginning to develop a stronger sense of self. Keep encouraging your baby’s passions while keeping your expectations realistic, and don’t fret if it takes her a little longer to decide what intrigues her - before too long, you’ll see her interests evolve right before your eyes. Once she figures out her passion, she will make sure you know about it!

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