What you need to know about earaches

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What you need to know about earaches

If your baby gets fussy, is crying more than usual, or develops a fever, you should be on the lookout for an ear infection. Ear infections are very common. They occur in almost all children before age 3, and are usually caused by bacteria or a virus. During an ear infection, the tube that connects to a baby's middle ear does not allow fluid to drain, which increases pressure behind the eardrum and causes the baby pain. Babies are especially susceptible to ear infections because they have short tubes that do not allow fluid to drain easily, so the ear becomes a breeding grounds for bacteria.

What contributes to earaches?

There are many different factors that contribute to earaches, and even the most careful of parents can't always prevent them, but there are a few conditions that can make earaches more likely.

What are the symptoms?

How do I treat ear infections?

Can I prevent earaches?

Most ear infections clear up within a week or two, but some can become chronic if untreated. If you think your baby has an ear infection, consult the doctor immediately.

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