How to burp your newborn

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How to burp your newborn

Burping your baby can be a pretty adorable way to release gas from her stomach, but it's also an important tool for making her feel more comfortable and less full. your baby can get gas pains when she swallows air while feeding. Burping can help relieve this discomfort. It can also be important for newborns who spit up or have other gastrointestinal problems. Burping is essential for both breastfed and bottle-fed babies, though most breastfed newborns need less burping than bottle-fed infants because they swallow less air during feedings. There are four common positions that many parents use to burp, but every baby is different so pay attention to the cues your baby gives you and make sure to use a towel or bib in case of spit-up.

  1. On the chest
    This tried and true position begins by holding your baby against your chest so that her chin rests on your shoulder. While supporting her head with one hand, rub or pat her back gently with the other.
  2. On the shoulder
    Once your little one's neck is stronger and she can better support her head on her own, you could also hold your baby higher up so that your shoulder presses into her belly, creating natural pressure to bring out the burp.
  3. Sitting on your lap
    Begin this position by sitting your baby on your lap facing away from you, using one hand to gently support her chin while being careful not to strain her neck, and using the other hand to rub her back. Encourage your baby to lean forward while you pat her back until she burps.
  4. Face down across your lap
    One of the easiest burping positions involves laying your baby face down across your legs so that she is lying across your knees. Make sure to support her head and gently rub or pat her back to release the air bubble.


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