Helping your partner feel closer to baby

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Helping your partner feel closer to baby

Even if your partner is connecting well with your baby, it never hurts to mix in some of these activities for a little extra bonding, if you haven't already.

Diaper time: Cut straight to the chase and bring your partner closer to your baby by one of the messiest and most intimate means possible: the diaper change! Having your partner carry out regular diaper replacements will not only set a more fair baby care precedent, but it will also give your partner plenty of important talk and touch time with your baby.

Midnight milk delivery: When your baby gets hungry during the small hours of the night, have your partner be the milk-bearer. Of course, if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need to have a breast pump and some salesmanship skills to pull this off, but even when they’re struggling to keep their eyes open, many parents come to enjoy this special time with their babies.

Bath bonding: Taking a bath with your baby might seem like a stretch given all the slipperiness and environmental changes involved. But many babies enjoy the closeness of being cuddled to their parent’s chest in warm water. Just be sure to wait until your baby is sitting better on her own before making bath time a tandem affair.

Shutterbug duty: There are few things more satisfying than showing off frame-worthy photos of a new baby to friends and family members. Try encouraging your partner to play the role of documentarian when the moment calls for it. Then, the next time you whip out your camera or smartphone at a dinner party, your partner can soak up every “ cute!”

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