4 bath time games for baby

Bathing & Dressing   |   Age: 6 months 1 week

4 bath time games for baby

Bath time can be a parent’s most relaxing time of day - right up until the day your baby starts wanting to follow you in. Unfortunately, babies though don’t always seem to understand the beauty of bath time. Bath time games can help you share how great it is to clean up, and if your baby is already an enthusiastic bather, baths can be even more fun.

Uncontainable containers!

From Tupperware to measuring cups, containers don’t immediately look like the most glamorous of bath toys, but your baby is still young enough to find the movement of water new and exciting, so filling up and pouring out the contents of containers is super-duper-fun for her. That stage doesn’t last forever so enjoy it while you can! Using a few different sizes of container and pouring water between them can help teach her about relative sizes and proportions. Pouring water into a colander may just make her giggle.

Baby Einstein, meet Baby Picasso

Bath time may be the only good time to let your baby’s artistic expression take over your walls. You can find bath crayons or paints at most toy stores, or make your own bath paint by mixing food coloring and shaving cream. Then hand your baby a brush and let her creativity fly!

American Idol

Snow White had a point with “Whistle While You Work” - songs can change the tone of a lot of tasks. Singing your baby’s favorite song during bath time is a great way to make bath time more fun. If you want to stay on theme, try singing a song about water or improvising a few bath-specific lyrics to songs that are already your baby’s favorites.

Don’t forget to accessorize!

Bath toys are an essential part of any baby bath time, and having toys she likes that only come out when she is in the bath can help equate bath time with fun time. The rubber ducky is a classic, but having a small collection of toys, some of which float and some of which sink, can really help keep your baby occupied!

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