Fun and games: Follow the yarn

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Fun and games: Follow the yarn

A game of follow the yarn is really a little treasure hunt for your baby where the yarn is the map! The treasure at the end could be a piece of candy, a toy, a healthy snack, a DVD, a book, or anything else you could think of. You could even end the string at a board game and tell your baby it's time for round two of the game!

To set up your game, tie one end of your string to your baby's prize, and wind the length of the rest of the string all around your home. You can go under couches, over tables, in and out of drawers - the more complex the better! Wherever the string ends, that's where your baby will start her search and follow the string through its twists and turns. You can attach the searching end of the string to a paper towel or toilet paper roll to allow your baby to roll up the string as she goes. She will follow your winding path around your home (maybe even outside!) and eventually discover the special reward waiting at the end.

For an advanced version of the game, you can add a few other children into the mix and give them all their own piece of string to follow (this might be a little easier if they all have different colors of string). They can each find individual prizes or party favors, or you can take them all on different paths to one place and make it a race!

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