Foods that are no longer off-limits

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Foods that are no longer off-limits

your baby doesn’t know it yet, but she’s only months away from stepping both feet into the wonderful world of adult foods. And isn’t life so much better when you can feed yourself cheese? At this age, your baby still doesn’t have access to the complete adult menu, but she can start trying foods that were off-limits a few months ago.

Whole milk

A lot of parents think that toddlers need whole milk, but this actually isn’t true. Toddlers can get the vitamins that whole milk contains from other foods like yogurt, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. Still, whole milk is still a good way for your baby to get Vitamin D and calcium, so if you do want to feed your baby cow’s milk, now is a safe time to do so.


You may have been told to keep your baby away from egg whites to avoid potential allergic reactions, but she has reached the age where she can start safely sampling all the different parts of eggs. Make sure to keep an eye out for allergic reactions, which would include hives, swelling, wheezing, diarrhea, and vomiting.


your baby has been kept from sampling this delicious nectar because of the small chance that the spores in honey cause a bad reaction. But now your baby is just barely old enough to see for herself what all the buzz is about. While your baby is this young, it’s still advised to keep her away from lots of sugars, so try to watch how much honey she tastes - she might have a hard time keeping her hand out of the honeypot, once she has had a taste.

It’s exciting to think about new things that your baby can try. As you guide her into the world of scrambled eggs and honey on biscuits, make sure to serve food in smaller portions and to avoid choking hazards. Potential choking hazards include foods that are sticky (like marshmallows or peanut butter), hard (like nuts), or cut into large pieces. Happy dicing!


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