Field trips you can take with your 6-month old

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Field trips you can take with your 6-month old

your baby isn't ready for preschool yet, so her school field trips are still pretty far in the future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get started yourself! Save the educational field trips for later, when your baby can talk and understand words better. Right now, your only job is to show her cool new things. We’ve got some ideas.

The zoo

Finally, a chance to put all of that “What sound does the lion make?” practice to good use. your baby isn’t talking yet, but you might see her eyes get wider at the sight of her first giraffe. If the zoo seems too intimidating, check out a smaller, more interactive adventure -- a petting zoo! Lambs and baby goats are a good stepping stone to elephants and bears.

The library

Sure, she won’t be able to take advantage of most of the resources at your local branch yet, but many libraries offer kid-friendly performances from people like magicians, balloon artists, and fun characters who read aloud in costume. While you’re there, you can sign your baby up for her very first library card so she can check out books as soon as she starts reading.

The aquarium

Have you ever been to an aquarium where you can walk under the tank? Go! You can give your baby her first look at fish that are even bigger than her, and you can both check out sea life in a touch tank. Most aquariums have little pools where you can touch coral, starfish, or even stingrays; just make sure you wash your and your baby's hands before and after.

The fire station

Most fire stations are happy to give tours, and bonus, they also install car seats! But this field trip is mostly for the pictures you’ll get of your baby in her little plastic firefighter’s hat. your baby won’t get a lot out of this particular field trip apart from new sights and sounds, but you’ll come away with some great information about fire safety and some adorable pics. It’s a win-win. 

If you’re looking for something a little more casual or spontaneous, check out your local park or playground. These aren’t only great places to play, and they’re also good places to meet other moms and babies. Then, your next field trip can be to a friend’s house for a playdate!

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