What are some common first words?

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What are some common first words?

It’s impossible to predict exactly what your baby’s first words are going to be, but that may not stop you and your partner from placing bets. There are a lot of factors that go into your baby's first words, though, from the very obvious to the less obvious, that contribute to what those very first words might be. Having an idea of what those factors are might give your bet on your baby's first words a better chance than your partner’s. Sucker.

The obvious

your baby is more likely to say words that she has heard before, right? Chances are, she isn’t going to come up with "antidisestablishmentarianism" on her own. Words that she hears a lot have an even better chance of making the cut - words like ‘mama,’ ‘dada,’ and the family dog’s name might come up a lot, so they’re going to be in her head more often. Other words she hears a lot, like names of her favorite foods or toys, or colors or animals that are identified in a favorite picture book have a pretty good shot as well.

One of the other more obvious factors is that your baby has never spoken before, so she is more likely to start with smaller words, before graduating up into the multisyllabic ones. And remember, this isn’t a task-oriented process for your baby - she isn’t just going for a word she can say, it’s got to be a word she wants to say, so the things she loves have a good shot, too, whether that’s balls, bubbles, green beans, or garbage trucks.

The not-so-obvious

Babies like repeating sounds. It’s probably no coincidence that ‘kiddie’ words include a lot of repeating consonants, so not just ‘mama,’ and ‘dada,’ but also things like ‘kitty-cat,’ and ‘puppy’ are options on your baby’s menu of words your baby could choose from.

Some babies prefer to start with hard, definitive consonants, so your baby might get to ‘dada’ a bit sooner than ‘mama.’ On the other hand though, some babies use their fixation on faces to learn sounds that are really visible when watching you talk, like ‘m’ and ‘p,’ so your baby could pop out with one of those, as well!

your baby is a wild-card, so there’s no way to know what she will say first, and when, but now you’re armed to take a pretty educated guess. your baby’s biggest influence is you, even if what that influence will be is also unpredictable, so go forth and have a conversation with your pre-verbal infant! You never know what she is taking in just to store up and say back to you later.

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