How often to buy clothes for a toddler

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Dressing a Toddler
During that first year, you may have found that your baby had outfits hanging in her closet that she never even had the chance to wear. Since people can’t resist buying adorable baby clothes, friends and relatives may have gifted you with an overabundance of little newborn outfits that your baby quickly outgrew. She may have even skipped a size altogether at some point as a result of a growth spurt.

Now that the first year is over, you’ve probably found that the gifts of clothes have slowed down.  Luckily, so has your little one’s growth. According to the Mayo Clinic, most babies triple their birth weight during the first year, but only gain about 5 pounds in their second year of life.  
So, what does that mean in terms of buying clothing for your baby?  Here are a few tips for dressing her and getting the most bang for your buck.


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