Buying clothes as your child grows

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Buying clothes as your child grows

As your baby speeds along her growth process, and more and more of your baby shower haul starts to fit into the ‘too small’ pile, there’s a good chance you’re about to hit the point where you need to make a few shopping trips just to keep her in onesies and sun hats, if you haven’t already. Shopping for someone who grows like it’s her job can be tricky, but once you’ve got the knack for it, it’s also lots of fun.

Buy big

Is there anything cuter than a tiny baby in clothes that are just a little bit too big? What’s that you say? You think a tiny baby in clothes that fit her just right is cuter? Well, you’re in luck, because that too-big shirt will probably fit her totally snugly in about a week and a half. Think of it this way - you want your baby to get some use out of each of those adorable little pieces of baby clothing, but if she only wears them when they fit exactly right, she won’t be wearing them for very long at all. On the other hand though, no one wants your baby to have to be uncomfortable in clothing that’s getting too small. Starting her wearing certain clothes when they’re still a little bit too big helps you cut down on how many times you switch out her wardrobe entirely without leaving her straining the seams of former-favorite clothes.

But don’t look too far ahead

Yes, it’s always important to be prepared, but buying for the size your baby will be in a world where seasons change, and temperatures change with them, is a dangerous proposition. You may think you know what size she is going to be when it starts to get cold out, but for all you know, she could have a massive growth spurt just before the weather changes and never have a chance to get to wear that one batch of adorable sweaters at all.

Shop smart

The only time to break the short-time-frame rule is when really serious sales are at stake, especially when it comes to big seasonal items. If a sale makes an item seem worth it, sometimes it’s time to take a gamble - make an estimate, buy a size or two up, just to be safe, and remember that if your baby never gets the chance to wear it, you can always try selling it on consignment or through eBay to put towards something that will actually fit her.

Give yourself a break

By now, you’ve got a sense for how much time your baby is willing to stay still for as you dress her, and how often you can be bothered to go for the cute, coordinated outfits, instead of the comfy ones that are easiest to pull on. Once you’ve got this sense, and you give yourself permission to buy things based on it, it can take a lot of the pressure off.

Size chart

Brands can differ with their sizing a bit, but the sizing guidelines for height and weight are generally as follows:

US Size Weight (lbs) Height (inches)
Newborn 4-8 17-19
3 months 9-11 19-23
6 months 12-15 24-26
9 months 16-18 27-28
12 months 19-20 29-30
18 months 21-23 31-32
24 months 24-28 33-35
2T 24-28 33-35
3T 28.5-32 36-38.5
4T 33-36 39-41
Information from

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