Bright Horizons Back-Up Care through Gartner

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Bright Horizons Back-Up Care through Gartner

Employer-sponsored emergency and backup care benefits ensure that when your care plans change unexpectedly, you can still get to work or wherever else you need to go, without having to worry about how your family will be cared for throughout the day.

Through Gartner, you have access to Bright Horizons' Back-Up Care Advantage Program. Bright Horizons is a leading provider of employer-sponsored solutions for child care, elder care, and other services. The Back-Up Care Advantage Program provides access to back-up care for both children, and adult/elder family members during a temporary lapse of care, or breakdown in normal care arrangements. You can use this benefit anytime you need to be at work, but a dependent family member needs assistance or support.

Some examples of times you might need back-up care could include:

You can learn more about your childcare benefits through Bright Horizons by giving them a call at (877) BH-CARES (877-242-2737), or by tapping the button below to visit their website.

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