It's raining, it's pouring, my baby is snoring

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It's raining, it's pouring, my baby is snoring

Like thumb-sucking, nose-picking, and crawling to get around, snoring is one of those things that’s unattractive in an adult, but can seem impossibly cute when a baby does it. Unfortunately, snoring isn’t always as harmless as some of those other habits. Even when it’s tiny and cute, there’s the potential for snoring to be a sign of a sleep apnea or another breathing problem that could cause health problems stretching into school-age.

Most snoring is fairly harmless, if a little annoying, but it may sometimes also signal interrupted breathing, which can be dangerous. This is especially true if the snores are accompanied by a cough or wheezing. Snoring has also been linked to neural and behavioral problems, which may result from the disturbed sleep that many snorers have. When your baby is very little, most snoring is generally linked to how tiny her airways are, but as she grows, if her sleep doesn’t start to sound a little quieter, snoring happens regularly, or you can hear it disrupt her breathing, it could be a good idea to check in with your baby’s doctor.

Quick home remedies to try in the meantime to help clear out any obstructions in your baby’s airways include holding her in a steamy shower to help clean out her lungs, making sure the area around your baby’s bed isn’t dusty, and, if the doctor recommends it, clearing out her sinuses with a bulb syringe.

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