Baby bath time checklist

Bathing & Dressing   |   Age: 2 months 3 weeks

Baby bathtime checklist

As she's grown since her first sponge bath, your baby's bath time has gotten a little bit more complicated, and so has the gear that goes with it. Don't worry, though - we've got you covered.

  1. Baby wash and shampoo
    You don’t want to find yourself lowering baby into the water and then realizing you left your cleaning supplies in another part of the house. Keeping all baby-safe soaps and shampoos in the bathroom at all times will save you and your baby a wet trip down the hall or stairs.
  2. Bath time toys
    Some babies take to the water like ducks while others require some additional incentives. Try adding at least one waterproof toy to the bathroom in order to reduce any bath time fussing or splashing.
  3. A soft washcloth
    Using a soft baby-friendly sponge or cloth during bath time will give your baby a more thorough scrub-a-dub without irritating her skin.
  4. The rinsing cup
    Since baby baths don’t have built-in plumbing systems, you’ll need a reliable plastic rinsing cup that you can fill and gently wash your baby with, once soaping and shampooing time is officially over.
  5. A soft towel
    It’s important to minimize the time that a wet baby spends between the bath and a waiting, soft towel, so keep one right by the tub before your baby’s next bath begins. Many towel manufacturers make hooded towels that provide extra head insulation and a little extra coziness for babies.
  6. Baby lotion
    Moisturizing is best done when your baby’s skin is already soft and sparkling clean. Keep your lotion of choice on-hand so that you can apply a few dabs right after you’ve finished patting her down with her towel to seal the moisture in.
  7. A fresh set of clothes
    A freshly bathed baby still needs a new outfit and diaper. You can minimize the odds of any post-bath time bawling by planting your baby’s new duds nearby, so you'll be able to slide her right into them after the toweling and moisturizing is done.
The most important ingredient, though, is your uninterrupted time and undivided attention while you bathe your baby - she should never be left unattended in the water, even in a small or shallow bathtub.

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