9 months old

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9 months old 

Do you have a chatty baby, or is she on the shyer side? Even if your little one says a lot, there’s a good chance you can’t understand most of it, still. The sounds she makes sound like they should be words most of the time though, and here and there, common words that come up in her life a lot may pop out of her mouth - maybe even in a way that might make you wonder if she knows what they mean, although she probably really only understands the most basic words in her life at this point.

Whether your baby is saying words you can understand or not, though, she can understand a lot more than she can say, so it may be time to start to be a little more careful about what you say in front of her. After all, you never know what she is going to repeat, or in front of whom!

your baby is a lot closer to talking the talk like a big kid, and she may be closer to walking the walk, too! Between 9 months and a year old, many babies start pulling themselves up into a standing position from the floor, when there’s something near them that they can hold onto for support, like the couch, a table, or your leg.

Pulling up is a huge next step in the march towards knowing how to walk, but it brings its own series of chances for danger, and the need for another round of baby-proofing. Anything at your baby’s eye- or hand-level that won’t support her weight if she tries to use it to pull up may need to find a new home, at least until your baby is a little steadier on her feet!

In the meantime before walking though, your baby still has to figure out some way to get around! If she hasn’t gotten used to crawling or scooting yet, this might happen sometime soon.

your baby is also probably continuing with her adventure into solid foods. It’s very common for babies to resist solids, even if they used to be big fans of the mush. If your baby has been, or starts, putting up a fight about food, try switching up the flavors or textures. After 7 months or so, most babies are able to move on to less mushy foods, so you can consider working in some foods that more closely resemble the foods that you eat.


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