7 weeks old

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7 weeks old

As your baby gets closer and closer to her second month old, she is growing more independent every day. Not independent enough to start crossing the street without holding your hand - or even crossing the street while holding your hand, or crossing anything, or standing at all - but independent enough to start expressing a few of her own feelings. This is around the time when your baby’s reflex smiles start to disappear, and her real, happy smiles start to take their place, so get your camera ready!

Another development that’s coming right up might be a little bit less fun - your baby’s 2-month checkup. These frequent checkups won’t last too long, but while they do last, it’s important to make sure they happen as close to on-time as possible, so that your baby’s vaccination schedule stays on-track.

your baby is moving around more and more every day, and as she starts trying ambitious new types of wiggling, it’s important to keep an eye out for when she starts trying to turn over, either from her back to her front, or the other way around. When she does start trying to roll, this is a sign of a couple of different things. First, rolling is a very big step towards your baby being able to move around on her own. Second, though, your baby starting to roll can be a sign that it’s time for her to say goodbye to an old friend - the swaddle.

It’s important for a home’s baby-proofing efforts to keep up with the growth of the baby who lives there, so as your baby gets stronger, smarter, and faster, it’s a good idea to take a close look around your home every now and then, to make sure you’re at least two steps ahead of your baby.



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