6 months old

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6 months old

After months of slow progress and slow growth, the changes in your baby’s life that happen around the time when she is 6 months old can be shocking - crawling and solids and motor skills, oh my!

your baby is probably getting grabby as her curiosity about the world grows. Lucky for her, her motor skills are growing right along with her, and she can probably reach out and grab things with not just both hands together, but one hand, as well. One might not sound as impressive as grabbing with two hands, but it’s a sign of her increased precision and hand-eye coordination.

your baby is still working up to the pincer grasp, when she will have the precision to pick up very small objects between her thumb and forefinger. This grasp will come in handy when her exploration of solids moves more towards finger foods and further away from mushy, brightly-colored purees, but for now, whole-handed grasps and purees are probably good bets for your baby. Even if this food doesn’t seem overly exciting, just try to put yourself in your baby’s booties - every solid, or semi-solid, food is new and exciting, so trying these mushy goops out is a major milestone for your baby.

Once 6-month-olds master the fine art of rolling over, they love to scare their parents by rolling in their sleep. This means that swaddles, if they’re still a part of your bedtime routine, should probably become a thing of the past, but beyond that, it’s not too much of a cause for concern. At 6 months, the risk of SIDS goes way down, and when your baby is rolling over on her own, she has the kind of muscle control her younger self could only dream of, so don’t worry if she decides it’s time to twist and stretch and starfish out as she snores.

your baby’s longer stretches of sleep at night may translate into a drop in the number of naps she needs to get through the day, and while losing a nap time as a time to unwind can feel like a loss, but letting naps go when they’re ready to go is a great way to protect that all-important nighttime sleep.

And although it might not happen for a few months still, it’s possible that soon, your baby will begin her locomotive career by crawling. Crawling is a time-tested way for babies to get around, but don’t fret if your baby doesn’t start crawling for a few months - in fact, some babies can’t be bothered to learn how to crawl at all, and skip right to cruising, and walking.


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