6 big changes in the first 6 months

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6 big changes in the first 6 months

The first half-year of your baby’s life is full of extremes, and includes both some of the happiest moments of your life and some of the most exhausted, confused, or terrified. Now that your baby is getting old enough, and you’re getting familiar enough with her that you’re starting to get into the groove of this whole thing, it’s nice to take a look back and appreciate how much your baby has grown up during that whirlwind.

  1. your baby can see it in your eyes
    your baby may not be up for involved debates about world affairs yet, but she is definitely starting to figure out the basics of how communication is supposed to work. Not only is she making facial expressions that express her feelings, but she is starting to notice and react to your emotions based on your facial expressions, too.
  2. Going ga-ga for ‘goo-goo ga-ga’
    your baby is still a little ways away from speaking in words, but she has started to make sounds that may sound a lot like words. She may even have started to babble responses when you talk to her, and to wait for you to respond when she talks to you. This is her way of learning the pattern of conversation, just like how babbling is her way of learning the sounds she will need when she does start to speak.
  3. Turning frowns upside down!
    At this point, your baby will have been smiling socially - smiling in response to your smile, or smiling at you - for a few months now. The first time you notice that she is smiling at you, not past you, or around you, or in her sleep, or because of gas, is one of those magic moments that make the harder parts of parenthood worth it. Luckily, once your baby starts smiling on purpose, she is only going to start smiling more and more often, and it’s one of those thrills that doesn’t really get old.
  4. your baby wiggles and giggles
    Not long after she started smiling, your baby probably started laughing, too. She is still developing her sense of humor, but there are a few things that she probably thinks are hilarious, like you and your partner making funny faces, peek-a-boo, or your tickling fingers.
  5. your baby on-the-go
    That stage where your baby does her best to climb everything in sight is still a little ways away (but it is coming, so brace yourself!) but your baby is already leaps and bounds more mobile than she was as a newborn, even if she isn’t quite up for leaping and bounding yet. In the past 6 months, your baby has changed from someone who pretty much stays where you put her to a sitting up and rolling over machine. Some babies even use their new rolling skills to cover some serious distance.
  6. "What happened to my eyes?"
    Now that your baby isn’t a newborn anymore, there’s already some nostalgia in looking back at those pictures you took on the day she was born, and how tiny she was then. Tiny and ...different. Since your baby was born her eyes and hair may have seriously changed color and (in the case of her hair) texture. Eye changes have probably happened by now, if they’re going to. Hair changes could still happen in the future if they haven’t yet, but before too long, your baby will probably settle into the complexion she will grow up with.

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