5 months old

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5 months old

Ready, set, SIT! Okay, maybe it’s not as exciting to watch as a lot of the more mobile milestones she will be heading towards soon, but your baby’s newfound - or soon-to-be-found - sitting abilities actually do open up a whole new world for her. your baby may still be sitting a little shakily, or may still need the support of something to lean against, but being able to sit means she is a lot closer to sitting in a high chair, eating solid foods, and even standing up on her own. Essentially, learning one of the first tricks people teach new puppies is bringing your baby a lot closer to being able to act more like a person.

She is also babbling a lot more this month, and with a bit more flair - from another room, the patterns of the sounds she is making might sound like completely understandable conversation. She is probably still a little ways away from words you can understand, and the sounds she makes aren’t attached to any meaning yet, but being able to make repeating noises, and to put vowel and consonant sounds together, is an important building block.

There’s a good chance that your baby is sleeping through the night by now - and if she isn’t, there’s a good chance she is, at least, physically ready to. If you’re daydreaming of a full night’s sleep, a little tinkering of the bedtime routine, and possibly night weaning, could get you the rest you’ve been missing. On the other hand, if you love your nighttime snuggle-and-feeding time, there’s no reason to hurry your baby out of that phase too fast. It’s important to enjoy your baby’s babyhood, whether that means getting in your night time cuddles, or getting more well-rested cuddle-time in the morning.

your baby also continues to engage with the world around her, and is learning more and more about the things that we consider run-of-the-mill. Around this time, your baby might be ready to start experimenting with solid foods, so make sure to look out for her developing interest in the food that you’re eating as a sign that she might be ready to start this great culinary journey.


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