3 weeks old

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3 weeks old

Everything is getting bigger this week - your baby has gained back any weight she might have lost after birth, and probably a bit more than that, too. And as she gets bigger, so does her stomach!

This means that she can eat more at each feeding, so she can start to wait a little longer between each feeding, and waiting a little longer between each feeding can mean not waking up as often, which could mean longer stretches of sleep for you both. And if she isn’t sleeping soundly for slightly longer periods yet, it’s only a matter of time, as she just keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Even when she isn’t hungry, you may have noticed that your baby likes to cry, and though you’ve probably been trying every strategy in the book to get her to calm down, you might find that simply letting your baby suck on something - her thumb, a pacifier, your thumb - will do the trick. Figuring out your parenting style is all about trial and error. your baby might cry right through 7 different lullabies, but you can bet number 8 will have the magic. Or 9.

It could take some time.

If your baby’s umbilical stump has fallen off, it may be time for your baby’s first extracurricular activity - tummy time! Tummy time is as simple as it sounds - just let your baby lie on her stomach for a few minutes every day. your baby’s definition of “exercise” is a bit different than ours, and just by lying on her stomach and wriggling about, she can start to build some strength to one day realize that seemingly impossible dream of lifting her shoulders off of the ground. Shoot for the stars.

your baby is already seeing in much brighter color than she was at birth, but she is definitely still getting the hang of her quickly-expanding visual abilities. For example, her eyes are still figuring out how to work together, so it may sometimes look like she is looking in two directions at once, or she may sometimes look cross-eyed. Both of these are perfectly normal, and, unless there’s a direction that one of her eyes always seems to turn, it’s nothing to worry about. Before you know it, her eyes will be working together like peanut butter and jelly.


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