3 things you won't realize until your baby is older

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3 things you won't realize until your baby is older

your baby’s babyhood will probably switch between dragging on and flying by, but no matter how present and in the moment you are for this time, there are certain things about it that you just won’t quite be able to see until a little while later in your and your baby’s lives together.

She is really tiny

You know your baby is tiny - you can see her little fingers and toes, and how much smaller they are than yours. your baby is growing a little bigger every day though, and before you know it, you’ll be holding a robust little toddler in your lap, looking down at a tiny baby sock and wondering how she ever fit into it.

your baby is hearing everything you say

Not just the words she’s just about ready to be parroting back to you, but your attitude about life, the way you react when something goes differently from how you planned, and the things you whisper to her when she’s about to fall asleep. The things your baby hears and sees you do every day may not seem like they’re making an impact, but you’ll see little pieces of them come out in different parts of your baby’s behavior as she grows.

You are basically a superhero

Okay, so you’re aware that what you’re doing is hard, but it’s what you have to do, so you do it. Later though, you’re going to look back on some of the days you have when your baby is this young, and you won’t be sure how you did it at all. You did what? And all by yourself? Wearing what? After your baby ate which? And all on how many hours’ sleep? You’re a rockstar, and a little time will give you the distance to see exactly how much.

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