9-12 Months

When do babies start caring about other people's feelings?

We all want our children to be kind, but when do babies really start caring about people's feelings?

9 months old

Time to get chatty! Some babies are speaking by now, but for most, this upcoming month could bring a lot in the way of verbal action.

The coke vs. pepsi of new parenthood: know your 'mommy wars' topics

Sure, you may not want to get involved in the latest parenting debate, but it's still a good idea to know what the main subjects in it are - if only so you can avoid them if you want.

The importance of solo play

You know those days when you just need a little time to be away from people? your baby may not have whole days like that, or even hours, but she definitely has some minutes where she could use a little space.

How is raising an adopted baby or child different?

There are a million things about raising a baby you've adopted that are exactly the same as raising a baby who's biologically related to you, but there are a few key ways that it's different, too.

Babies and body language

How does it feel to be a teacher? Whether you have a teaching degree or not, you're the person your baby is learning so much of what she knows about body language from - and she's learning more and more every day!

When should we switch to a sippy cup?

As your baby gets bigger, she has more new experiences every day - but when is the right time for the new experience of drinking from a cup?

Helping to ease the room-sharing transition

Saying hello to a baby-less bedroom can be a little harder than you expect it to be - either emotionally or just practically, if your little one isn't the type to enjoy her privacy.

Messy finger foods you hate to love

It's probably just a coincidence that your baby's very favorite foods are the ones that leave the kitchen looking like a hurricane just tore through it - right?

When do babies start interacting with books?

Whether storytime is your baby's favorite part of the day or something she is often too squirmy for, there's a good chance the books themselves aren't having as big of an impact on her as the whole storytime experience. So when will she start having her own opinions about what makes great literature?

Is it okay to let my baby snack?

Snacking may get you through the long hours between lunch and dinner, but can your baby join you in nibbling on something tasty?

A toddler walking timeline

your baby has the world at her feet - just as soon as she can master the fine art of standing and move on to walking. Once she does, though, she could start moving pretty fast, so it's a good idea to have a picture in your head of what's coming.

Pointing as communication

It'll be rude if your baby keeps it up when she's a little older, but right now, pointing as a way of communicating is kind of a big deal for her.

Baby's personality: Chess and Thomas' baby temperaments

So what's your sign? People love putting personalities in categories, and babies personalities are no different, though there's a little bit less data to work with. Theories about baby-temperaments have a bit more scientific grounding than astrology, but they're just as fun to think about.

All about baby vomit

Vomit is one of the substances with the biggest yuck-factor that the body produces. Unfortunately, it's also a one of the things it's a good thing to keep an eye on when you're trying to figure out which of the bugs your baby picks up are worth worrying about.

How do I switch my baby from bottle to cup?

Saying goodbye to the bottle can be a difficult emotional process - and a difficult physical one! With a little time and patience, though, your baby will be a practiced cup-drinker in no time!

Buying clothes as your child grows

Your little inch-worm is inching herself bigger and bigger every day, and keeping her in onesies and novelty animal hats may be getting a little harder to keep up with.

Do babies need multivitamins?

Maybe they're gummi, or shaped like dinosaurs, but they contain pretty much the same ingredients as the pill you might take with breakfast - is your baby ready for a multivitamin yet?

A bag full of distractions

Enjoy the time when your baby can be distracted by the quick offer of something shiny while it lasts - handing her your keys to ward off a tantrum means something very different when she's asking to borrow the car in a few years.

Dealing with night crying

There may have been a point in your life when staying up all night was your idea of a good time, but even then, a crying baby probably wasn't a part of the equation. Parents whose little ones haven't left night-crying behind yet may be wondering when they'll be able to reclaim their abilities to sleep through the night.

Unstuffing your child's nose

Holding a tissue and telling your little one to blow her nose is a scene that pops up in so many parents' lives, but it's one that your baby isn't quite ready for yet. Instead, if she gets a stuffy nose, she's going to need a little extra help from you.

Why can't babies eat honey yet?

There are plenty of things that young children aren't supposed to eat, but why is honey one of them?

Rules for a pleasant long car ride with baby

Road trips can change a whole lot once your baby enters the picture - she only takes up a little bit of space in the car, but she occupies quite a bit of your attention.

Introducing your baby to family far away

You and your cousins may have years of shared memories, but to your baby, they're just strangers who might look a little bit like you. Helping your little one start to see your family as her family may take a little bit of time to adjust.

To sippy cup, or not to sippy cup?

First comes bottle, then comes sippy - it's like something out of a nursery rhyme. A nursery rhyme that doesn't rhyme, maybe, but still a normal part of growing up. Not all parents think so, though, and some families choose to pass the sippy by altogether.

How do I know if my baby likes me?

"Does my baby like me? I mean, really like me?" It's one of the many questions you may be able to ask, but your little one is still a little ways away from being able to answer, just like "Why did you put that rock in your mouth?" or "Did your socks do something to offend you?"

Silly songs your baby will love

your baby's taste in music is still very much in-progress, so don't worry if her favorite tune of the moment ends up being one of these silly ditties, instead of anything more sophisticated.

What if my baby doesn't like the things I do?

your baby may have your eyes, or your partner's earlobes - or she may not. Either way, though, your little one is bound to have some ideas about the world that are all her own.

Safety rules for baby's first time playing on the playground

If the playground doesn't seem like a scary place, imagine being the size of your baby. See? In a world of giants, and play structures that seem to reach the sky, there are some good guidelines parents and babies can follow to help them stay as safe as possible while turning the Fun Dial up to 11.

When can baby eat food that's been salted?

Even once your baby starts in on solids, there are a few foods that should still stay off her radar - including one of those controversial staples of tasty foods everywhere, salt. So how long should your baby keep living a salt-less life?

Combination vaccines

Immunizations are incredibly important because they help children gain immunity to—in other words, to become protected from—serious disease. Thankfully, combination vaccines mean fewer shots and fewer tears

Top tickle spots for babies

your baby may or may not have much of a sense of humor yet, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love to laugh - especially when you tickle her right THERE.

How to cope when your baby plays favorites

Popularity contests are SO early-teenage-years, but your baby is young enough that she doesn't know that yet! Unfortunately, this means it's up to you and your partner to be the bigger people, since you're, well, so much bigger.

10 months old

your baby is probably cutting teeth like mad, but that's not all that's happening this month!

Why do babies love throwing things on the ground?

Why is your baby's dinner decorating the floor, instead of her hands, bib, and face ...again? Maybe it just looked better there. Or maybe your little one is finding new (messy) ways to learn about the world.

What should I have my baby call me?

Some parents have known they were going to be "mama" or "dad" to their future offspring since they were kids themselves, but for other families, the answers aren't quite so clear-cut.

Why do babies love throwing things on the ground?

Why is your baby's dinner decorating the floor, instead of her hands, bib, and face ...again? Maybe it just looked better there. Or maybe your little one is finding new (messy) ways to learn about the world.

3 easy recipes for your 10-month old

Your baby may not be much of a gourmet yet, but budding taste buds are their own kind of challenge. Here are a few ideas for meals that might tickle your little one's palate.

What happens when my child starts climbing?

You may have thought you were signing up for a "kid" as in "child," not "kid" as in "baby mountain goat," but if your baby decides it's time to have a climbing phase, it might get a little hard to tell the difference.

Extended family networks and only parents

It doesn't always take a village - but sometimes, having a village on-call can help

MYOB: 6 responses to people who interfere with your parenting

"It takes a village to raise a child" can be a dangerous sentence when everyone seems to think they should be a part of your village. Anyone from your great aunt to the cashier at the grocery store may think they're telling you what's best for your baby, but that doesn't mean you have to listen.

Baby's 1-year immunizations

Whether your baby takes getting her shots like a champ, or if it makes her cry like, well, a baby, you'll probably both be glad to know that the vaccine schedule slows down a lot after this appointment. Just like the shots themselves, this visit to the family doctor or pediatrician should be over before you know it!

Talking to your child about public vs. private behavior

Not every adult is really good at figuring out public versus private, so it's not your baby's fault that she's not an expert yet. Lucky her, she's got you for a teacher!

5 things every parent knows all too well

your baby isn't the only one who's growing every day - since she was born, you've grown and changed and learned plenty of things to feel proud of yourself for.

When do babies start walking up the stairs?

Are you a hiker? Pretty soon, your baby might be too!

Help! My baby hates the bath

There's only so long you can go between baths before you start to get a little sticky, and if you're your baby, and your favorite hobby is rolling around on the floor, or flinging yourself into the mud, that time might be even shorter. But what's a parent to do with a little one who acts like she's allergic to soapy water?

Raising kind kids

When babies are first learning about the world, they may stumble into some actions that don't seem so nice, from pulling the dog's tail to laughing when someone falls down. This is all part of how she learns about the world, but it also leaves some parents wondering about how they can foster kindness in their kids as they grow.

Baby bike seats

Your your baby is going places, that's for sure, but should she be going there on the back of your bicycle just yet?

Helping baby let go of the bottle

Have you ever had a very favorite butter-knife, one that's so special to you that you can't imagine eating a meal without it? Does being without it too long, even between meals, start to freak you out? No? Then you probably don't know exactly how your baby feels when she starts asking for her bottle AGAIN.

Why is my baby still spitting up?

Wasn't spitting up supposed to go the way of the dinosaur as your baby's digestive system matured? Parents of frequent spit-up-ers may be a little frustrated if milky baby-puke doesn't go extinct quite as fast as they were expecting.

What's the perfect spacing between kids?

Thinking of a little brother or sister for your baby? Anyone you tell is going to have an opinion on the age-spacing of siblings, so how do you figure out the interval between children that's right for your family?

Helping baby wean off the pacifier

There's a good chance getting your baby to drop her pacifier habit won't be easy, but for many parents, the result is worth the process.

When should I be concerned about my baby not talking?

There are a huge range of times when it's "normal" for a baby to say her first words, but at a certain point, a delay could be a sign of a problem.

When will baby be done teething?

Teething is no fun for your baby, and at this point, you're probably not enjoying it too much, either. So how long will it be until she has two full rows of pearly whites?

4 quick meals for the whole family

Having your baby eat with the rest of the family can be a huge relief - but only if everyone in the family finds the possibly limited foods she can easily eat to be tasty. Some meals, though, are crowd-pleasers no matter how old the crowd is (or isn't).

Fun and games: Rolling a ball

Rolling a ball back and forth and "having a ball!" might not have been the same thing for you before your baby came along, but she is great at having fun with simple games.

5 easy-to-clean-up snacks your baby will love

When it comes to feeding your child their first foods, there are many important factors to consider: allergens for one, taste for another, but perhaps most important? How easy a food is to clean up.

What if baby still has a flat head?

your baby's body is changing every day - including her skull, which is still soft enough to gradually change shape. There are several reasons for a flat spot on a baby's head, most of which are harmless, but a few may require a check-in with a pediatrician.

How long should I use a stroller for?

There's walking and then there's WALKING - it's one thing to cheer your baby on through her first steps, and another to put away the stroller and have her walk to the store beside you. But where do you draw the line between the two?

Is it normal for babies to fall when learning how to walk?

Every baby who's still working out how to walk has taken a tumble or two with no harm done - it's just part of the process. What's trickier is figuring out which tumbles to worry about, and which to let her walk off.

Fostering baby's self-esteem

There are plenty of things in the world that could test your baby's self-esteem as she grows older, but if she builds up a good sense of self now, while she's little, it could help her weather any challenges she meets later.

Switching your child to real food

Whether it's a rite of passage or just giving up on feeding your baby a separate dinner from the rest of the family, the switch from baby food to regular-people food is a big deal - and can be a bit of an adjustment.

Learning to talk in a multilingual household

Babies' brains do plenty of amazing things in their first few years of life, and learning even one language fluently without any frame of reference is one of them. But what about the babies who learn two different languages at the same time?

When will my baby start making friends?

It may seem like the perfect time to start introducing your baby to her future life-long friends, but don't worry if she doesn't hit it off with anyone just yet. She's at a point in her life where socializing with her parents is probably plenty.

Ways to build your baby's vocabulary

your baby's first word is a big deal, no matter what it turns out to be, but the words that come after that first one are just as important, and the more of them she comes across, the better she will be prepared to take on the world - once she learns to tie her own shoes.

11 months old

With the last month of the first year coming up, your baby has done a lot of learning and growing, but she isn't quite done yet.

When do babies develop imagination?

Your little one may not be ready to start playing pretend just yet - the imagination may not be a literally muscle, but it does need to grow big and strong before your baby starts to feel comfortable with it in just the same way, and she's still in the training stage now.

Why do some babies head-bang?

your baby is little enough that anything that seems strange can be worrying, but banging her head on the mattress, crib, or wall to soothe herself to sleep may actually be a fairly common and generally pretty harmless habit.

Expecting: telling your kids about a new addition

Telling your baby she's about to stop being the baby of the family can be tricky - especially if she is little enough that you two are still figuring out how to communicate, a little. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you break the big news.

Fun and games: Painting

Art is the expression of the soul, even if your baby's soul looks a little abstract these days. Don't worry, she'll be ready to move into her impressionist phase any time now.

Playground manners for baby and you

your baby isn't the only one who has to play nicely with the other kids at the playground. You may not have thought much about playground manners since you were your baby's age, so here's a refresher course to flip through before bringing your baby over to the sandbox.

Kitchen safety with your soon-to-be toddler

There's nowhere cozier than a family kitchen, but for babies who don't have much of a sense for how to play safely, a cozy kitchen carries its own dangers to be protected against.

What is free-range parenting?

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a parenting style? Like most parenting philosophies, there are some parents who take it to extremes, but for most free-range parents it's just about giving children the space to grow independent.

Prioritizing intimacy when you have young children

There are a lot of things that fall to the wayside when your family gets a little bigger, but intimacy with your partner doesn't have to be one of them.

Helping to curb "bad" toddler habits

Maybe you can't see your baby's future, but that doesn't mean you're not having an effect on it. Knock a few things off her future list of New Year's resolutions by breaking a few habits before they even start.

Baby's possible drop in appetite around a year old

It can be scary when a baby who used to be able to clear her highchair tray easily suddenly isn't eating as much, but for many babies, a bit of a drop in appetite around the end of the first year is totally normal.

First birthday party for twins and multiples

Considering how little of it they'll remember, the first birthday party takes a lot of planning, and even more so if you've got a couple of kids.

8 birthday presents your 1-year old will love

For some reason, friends and relatives don't always think it's as funny as you do when your baby is more interested in the box a present came in than the gift itself. Here are a few gift ideas that might escape that fate.

Keeping your home safe for a toddler

Sure, you've baby-proofed, but as that baby turns into a toddler, with all the growing ability to cause havoc that comes with it, it may be time to take your baby-proofing to the next level.

Fun and games: Playing instruments

How are you supposed to know if your baby is a rockstar for the next generation unless she has the chance to spread her musical wings?

What is the line between baby and toddler?

your baby has been a baby since she was born, but some day, she's going to be a child, and even - gasp - a teenager, as strange as it is to think about. The next step, though, is toddlerhood. But when does your baby stop being a baby and start being a toddler?

When is baby ready to start sharing when he/she plays?

There's no need to be embarrassed or worry if your baby isn't a natural at sharing her toys yet - most babies don't understand how to play with other children at all just yet, never mind how to play nicely. Your little one is still a few steps away from sharing on her own, but don't worry - she's on her way!

Should baby be in swimming lessons?

Splish-splash, baby's been taking baths for a while now! But when is it going to be time for her to be a little fish in a slightly bigger pond, trying out her breast-stroke and crawl?

Topics to discuss with your sitter

Leaving your little one with a sitter can be nerve-wracking, but knowing you've had the conversations you need to with your sitter before you go can help you feel more relaxed as you head into your night out.

Baby's 1-year immunizations

Whether your baby takes getting her shots like a champ, or if it makes her cry like, well, a baby, you'll probably both be glad to know that the vaccine schedule slows down a lot after this appointment. Just like the shots themselves, this visit to the family doctor or pediatrician should be over before you know it!

Surprising places crawlers and early walkers can get into

With mobility comes a whole new set of challenges - figure out which troublesome places your baby might try to get into before she has time to think of them.

10 TV shows from your childhood to show your kids

It's a whole new world out there for your baby - and that includes the parts of the world that have been around for a little while, too. TV shows are just one kind of memory from your own childhood that you might find yourself wanting to share with her.

6 parenting truths you might have learned in the first year

You've watched your baby grow bigger every day, but you've been growing, too, and the changes in the way you think may not be quite as obvious as it is that your little one is about three times as big as she was at birth. Here are a few ways you may have changed, whether you noticed it or not.

Learning through play at 1 year

In the last year or so, your baby's idea of a good time has grown as fast as she has. It may not be time to break out the chess board just yet, but she may be ready to start playing a few slightly more complicated games.

Do babies have long-term memory?

These first months and years of your baby's life may be some of the more memorable ones in your life, but will she feel the same? When does a baby's long-term memory start working?

4 pieces of bad advice for parenting your 1-year old

Bad parenting advice doesn't end with babyhood, but it does grow harder to weed out as your baby grows bigger, and the situations she finds herself in grow more complicated.

Baby's new favorite word: no

No, it's not just your baby picking a fight - for a lot of babies and toddlers, learning to say 'no' is a big deal, and once they figure it out, they may start to use it as often as they can.

When will this feel normal?

So, let's face it: you have several more children than you did this time a year ago.

5 questions to ask at baby's one-year checkup

As your baby gets older, you're going to be taking her to the doctor less and less often - which means that when the two of you do go in for a checkup, it's important to make each time count, and get all your questions in while you're there.

What to do when baby figures out how to take off their diaper

After a long day at work, most of us like sitting down, kicking off our shoes, and relaxing. Some babies do something similar...just with their diapers.

5 tips to survive the toddler years

It's amazing how fast toddlers go from taking their first steps to running head-first into trouble. As your little one turns from bouncing baby to turbulent tot, here are a few tips to help you through the transition.

What to do when baby hates the sippy cup

Moving to the sippy cup is a big move for any baby, but it's not always the easiest transition. So, how can you help your little one make the big jump?

1 year

Happy birthday to your baby!

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