2-3 Years

Basic life rules to teach your two-year-old

There aren't any concrete 'rules' you have to follow as you go through life. But there's definitely some general wisdom that you can impart on your baby, starting now!

How putting my son in daycare has made me a better mom

There are a hundred factors that go into the decision of whether or not to put your little one in childcare - here's one mom's take on why her decision was the right one for her family.

How putting my son in daycare has made me a better mom

There are a hundred factors that go into the decision of whether or not to put your little one in childcare - here's one mom's take on why her decision was the right one for her family.

Fun games for your two-year-old

Life's a game, and your baby's a varsity player, at this point, but there are plenty of activities you can introduce her to to keep her on her toes.

Socialization in the third year

This year, one of your baby's big projects will be working on her social skills - emphasis on the word "skills."

When should I stop bringing my child of the opposite sex into the bathroom with me?

The answer can be different depending on your situation.

Big changes in the third year

If you thought your baby changed a lot in the last year, just wait until you see what the coming year has in store!

Your toddler's problem-solving skills in the third year

your baby's been around the playground a time or two now, and while her problem-solving skills may not be ready to take on world peace, but they're definitely getting stronger every day.

Dealing with intrusive questions about your child's adoption

It's amazing, the questions people will ask, sometimes. When people start to get nosy about how your family was formed, it can be helpful to have a plan for how to respond.

Do time-outs work for two-year-olds?

No one loves pushing limits more than a two-year-old! Time-outs can be useful tools for limit-setting, but they're not right for every toddler.

Help, my toddler hates haircuts!

It's normal for a toddler to have fear or nervousness around getting her hair cut, but you know what they say: hair today, gone tomorrow.

How many calories does a toddler need?

Toddlers have small stomachs, but they also have a lot of growing to do.

Your toddler's sudden hatred of the car seat

Whether they like the destination or not, there's a certain group of toddlers that just can't enjoy the journey if the journey happens by car.

Do they have to listen to kids' music?

Of your interests, there are some that you can start to share with your baby now, like long nature walks, or cooking, and some, like skydiving and recreational long-division, that might have to wait a few years. But which category does your taste in music fall into?

Seeing the world through a toddler's eyes

If there are ever times where you wish your little one would just see the world through your eyes, there are bound to be instances when it might be helpful for you to try to see the world through hers.

Napping patterns in the third year

Your toddler may still be pretty kid-like, but her sleep patterns are the most adult they've ever been - most of her sleep happens at night, for one thing, and while naps are probably here to stay for a while longer, she is only going to keep following that pattern as she grows.

Does your toddler mumble?

Do her words zoom right past you? Does she say things with such conviction and sincerity that you're sure they must be words, you just don't know which ones?

Tips for encouraging your toddler's healthy immune system

your baby's immune system never sleeps, but some days, it might appreciate a little extra help!

Two-year-olds and sweets

Nothing's sweeter than your baby. Well, except sugar. And artificial sweeteners. And maybe fruit sometimes? What are you supposed to do about all those sweets, anyway?

Cavities in baby teeth

Baby teeth are sort of like your baby's training-wheels teeth, but they can have a big impact on the internal landscape of her mouth for the rest of her life.

Getting sunscreen on a squirmy two-year-old

When it comes to sunscreen, getting your baby to cooperate can be quite a challenge, but fun in the sun gets a whole lot more fun when you've had a successful pre-sun slathering - and it stays fun a lot longer.

The benefits of toddlers playing with their food

Food on the floor? Food on the walls? Food as your baby's outerwear? It's not all bad.

3 tantrum-friendly locations

Toddlers and tantrums go together like peanut butter and jelly, but you have some control over the audience your tantruming tot gets.

Fun and games: Hopscotch

The game of hopscotch may be old, but it's brand new to your baby, and you get to be the one to introduce it to her.

Activities for sick days with a toddler

Toddlers can be a handful at the best times, but sick days are a whole new ballgame.

Toddlers and mischief

Toddlers and mischief go together like peanut butter and jelly, but unlike PB & J, many haven't quite figured out the right salty-sweet balance quite yet.

2 years 1 month

your baby is going to see a lot of changes as a two-year-old, and one of them is that a lot of her growth is going to be less visible, as she starts to put some more time into her cognitive skills.

Music Maker: Toys for your budding musician

your baby is probably already a big music fan, and now that she is growing bigger, it might be time to upgrade her musical toys.

Choosing an emergency contact for your toddler

With any luck, they'll never need to be called, but choosing your child's emergency contact in the event that you can't be reached is a difficult choice.

Getting a reluctant toddler to enjoy playing outside

Playing outside is a key part of the toddler experience, so why are so many tots reluctant to get out into the great outdoors?

Teaching a child to groom

You aren't going to be able to bathe your baby forever, so it's a good idea to teach her some basic principles of self-care.

Toddlers and UTIs

It's definitely possible for a toddler to grow up without ever encountering a UTI, but they're common enough that it's helpful to know what to look for.

Language development in the third year

What can your baby say? The question is, what can't she say! And the answer right now might be "plenty of things," but in the next year, it'll come closer and closer to "nothing!"

Seasonal allergies and the toddler years

Does your tot have a runny nose that never goes away? If it follows a seasonal pattern, it may be a seasonal allergy.

Setting limits in the third year

As your baby's vision of the world gets bigger, she will probably start to explore which boundaries she can get away with pushing with you.

Tykes and trikes

Learning how to ride a bike is an important part of growing up for many children, but few reach that milestone before perfecting their pedaling, steering, and riding skills on a tricycle.

Fun and games: Baby's first kite

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your family kite, and it'll fly nearby for as long as you want it to!

Fun and games: Day at the museum

It's no secret that museum trips aren't always toddlers favorite activity - you can't run, you can't yell, you can't touch the art, and you definitely can't lick it. But a hands-on approach can help tots start to think of museums as something fun, anyway.

Sick day meals for fussy toddlers

When toddlers have a cold or even a fever - really any sort of sickness - they might lose their appetite and not want to eat much. Want to end that hunger strike stat? Here are some tips and tricks to make food seem a bit more appealing while your toddler's appetite is lacking.

Clean-up guide common for toddler messes

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share! Well, your baby can do a modified share.

Cutting your toddler's hair at home

Whether it's the convenience of your own home, or if your baby has decided the hair salon is her least-favorite place on earth, if you're thinking of doing your baby's hair-styling in a more informal setting, you're not alone.

Fun and games: Stamps

If your memory of stamps is limited to dried-out ink pads and disappointing projects, it may be time to give these art supplies a second chance!

Sneaky ways to add extra iron to your toddler's diet

Even the most adventurous eaters will have days when a plate full of spinach just isn't the most appealing lunch time fare. So to make sure your toddler gets all the iron they need, here are some clever ways to incorporate versatile, iron-rich foods into your little one's meals.

Different types of thermometers and your squirmy toddler

Digital thermometers are fast, accurate, and easy to use. But they do come in a number of forms and can be used a number of different ways. Here's the lowdown on your options, so you'll know just what to do when temperatures are high.

Activities for mixed-age groups of kids

Whether your baby's social circle includes big kids she looks up to or little ones she has to be careful not to trample, finding activities that can keep kids of a wide-range or ages having fun can be a challenge.

Fun and games: Definitely not the tortoise

your baby may not know the meaning of the words "slow down," but sometimes, her speedy ways can actually make your life a little easier.

Encouraging your toddler to use silverware

So maybe your baby CAN you her fork or spoon to feed herself, but what are you supposed to do when she chooses not to?

2 years 2 months

your baby may not seem like she needs much help to stay active, but structured play is an important part of her physical activity diet, and you're one of the best people to do that structuring.

Should my toddler be taking a multivitamin?

Toddlers' appetites are as unpredictable as the weather, so it can be tempting to nutritionally back them up with something sure, like a multivitamin. But is it necessary?

Why it's important for toddlers to make mistakes

It can be hard to watch your child struggle - and even more difficult to see her really fail. And yet there are actually a wealth of reasons why it's helpful for your toddler to have room to make mistakes.

Toddlers who won't chew

In one way, it's a compliment - the food you make your baby is so yummy she doesn't even want to slow down long enough to chew it. In another, though, it can get a little scary when toddlers won't chew their food.

Help! My toddler can reach the door handle

Babyproofing is one thing, but toddlerproofing doesn't end until the toddler years do, and every new skill your baby learns

Teething remedies for those last molars

Teething has been a marathon, but you and your baby are almost ready to sprint to the finish line.

Pieces of home to take on an overnight trip

Traveling can be a lot of fun, but for toddlers, it can also be pretty scary. SO what should you pack to make your baby's overnight trip feel like a home-away-from-home?

Fun and games: Dress-up challenge

When your baby plays pretend, are you there pretending along with her? Self-directed imaginary play is great for toddlers, but so is pretending with a buddy!

Beach safety with a toddler

A day at the beach is a walk in the park, as long as you walk into it prepared.

Fun and games: Jell-O archeology

Every day is an adventure with a toddler, but some activities are even more adventurous than that baseline level of all-the-time excitement!

Does my toddler need more exercise?

If your baby is a little jumping bean, it may be hard to imagine that it's possible for her to get even more exercise, but it can be helpful to know what her target should be.

How you catch and pass a cold

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a germ! These things fly through the air, seemingly defying gravity, but there are explanations for all of their mysterious ways. The way that colds are caught and passed are tied up in the secrets of how germs travel.

Socializing to prepare for preschool

For many tots, preschool is just the next step that makes sense after nursery school, but for little ones who may not have had that experience, preschool can be a little bit of a shock.

Keeping your cool: Hydration during an illness

When your toddler is sick, it's her illness you want to fight, but when she doesn't really want to drink enough water to stay hydrated, it's her you'll find yourself trying to convince.

Rainy day activities that won't wreck your home

Rain, rain, go away! Or stay - you and your baby can have just as much fun rain or shine!

Talking to your toddler about street safety

What's cooler than a car to a toddler? The lure of the forbidden on the road that car drives on - which makes these years a key time for teaching street safety.

Fun and games: Michelangelo

Lucky for your little artist-in-waiting, there are plenty of destruction-free ways for her to let some of those artistic impulses out into the world - without taking it out on your living room.

Convincing a reluctant toddler to love bathtime

As your baby grows, she'll have plenty of phases, but the really-hating-the-bath phase has the potential to get messy, so it can be helpful to have a strategy in mind.

2 years 3 months

As you've surely noticed by now, learning to walk doesn't end after your baby's first steps get enshrined in the scrapbook - she's learning more and more every day, and you have the chance to give her new opportunities to stretch her wings!

Introducing your toddler to adult dishes

From sippy cups to plates with her favorite characters' faces on them, children's dishware is more fun than anything adults eat off of, but how long should it stick around?

Birthday gifts for your toddler's peers

Are birthday parties filling up your baby's social calendar? And, if so, is looking for birthday presents for all of her friends filling up yours?

Practical ways to practice fine motor skills

Fine motor skills may not be as flashy as the gross motor skills like twirling, leaping, and hopping on one foot that your baby might be aspiring to these days, but they're just as important.

Practical skills to teach your almost-three-year-old

your baby is a ways away from mastering important, adult life-skills, like changing a car's oil, cooking a turkey, or sending a sensitive, heartfelt sympathy text composed only of emojis - just give her a few years. In the meantime, she is just old enough to start to learn some more basic skills.

Figuring out which rules to make and enforce with a toddler

your baby is a force of nature, but even nature has to follow the laws of physics, right?

Toddlers who resist independence

The toddler years have a reputation for being all about striking out into the unknown, but for some tots, it's not quite that simple.

Toddlers who look older than they are

A toddler's face is an open book, but it doesn't always tell the whole story.

Fun and games: What's wrong with this picture?

Your little one is learning more and more about the world every day, and with each new thing she learns, the scope of her sense of humor expands. You can encourage her sense of humor in many ways, from telling jokes yourself to laughing at hers - and by playing games that play off this idea of the unexpected.

How much exercise do toddlers need?

Running, skipping, jumping - it may seem like not getting enough exercise is the last thing your toddler has to worry about, but how much active play does she actually need?

Quiet activities for toddlers

Whether it's before bed, traveling, or just a need to balance out the noise, there are times that toddlers should be encouraged to do quiet activities.

Toddlers who love scary things

If your toddler's best friends are the things that go bump in the night, you're not alone. Plenty of toddlers are interested in spooky things, but how involved in them should they get?

Teaching your toddler their own strength

You know how ants can carry objects that weigh thousands of times more than their own body weight? Well, toddlers aren't too far off, but toddlers tend to be a lot less aware of the damage they can do.

What to do when your toddler picks up a "throwing things" habit

The old saying goes, "don't throw the baby out with the bath water," but it doesn't say anything about what to do when she starts hurling things out of the bathtub herself.

Outdoor safety for toddlers

The more your baby can get into as she plays outside, the more important outdoor safety becomes.

When can I stop worrying about choking hazards with food?

your baby is an old hand when it comes to chewing these days, so does her lunch still hold hidden hazards?

Encouraging your toddler's imagination: Beyond pretend play

Imagination is such a staple of childhood that it's easy to forget that it's not something children are necessarily born able to use.

Tricycle-riding hot spots for city-dwelling tots

If your baby's heart is yearning for the open road, but the road in your area is full of traffic, there are a few different ways to give her the chance to indulge her need for speed.

The right kinds of books for two-and-a-half-year-olds

As your little one's understanding of the world around her grows, right along with her cognitive skills, her taste in books is going to grow too.

Aggressive tantrums going into the third year

The terrible twos can feel like they've got nothing on terrible threes, but as tantrums continue into toddlerhood, there are ways to prevent and diffuse these aggressive tantrums.

Introducing your toddler to new adults

Maybe your baby goes around charming adults she doesn't know every day, but if she's a little on the shyer side with strangers, it can be helpful to prep her before any big changes to her social circle.

2 years 4 months

So many things are stronger in the third year of your baby's life, from her body, to her understanding of the world, to her emotions. Lucky for her, you're stronger now, too.

Different preschool philosophies

When you're in an area where there are a wide range of preschools, the options can feel overwhelming.

The importance of playing with your toddler

your baby can make whole worlds in her head by now, but that doesn't mean she needs to explore them on her own.

Do I over-praise my toddler?

As the days pass, and your baby continues to dazzle you with everything she is learning, and you'll undoubtedly throw your share of "great jobs!" your baby's way.

Unplugging when you're hanging out with your toddler

There are plenty of ways that technology can be a great tool for parents - how else would you get all those pictures of your baby, after all? - but there's also a value in setting limits, not just on your baby's screen-use, but on your own.

Pre-reading skills in the third year

your baby may only be a bookworm-by-extension from reading with you, but her pre-reading skills are growing stronger every day.

Activities for mixed-age parties

More often than not, when a group of children play together there are a variety of ages. For the group to have fun and play together, it's important to pick activities that work for a mixed-age group.

Does sugar make kids hyper?

People used to think the earth was flat. And hollow. And the center of the universe. That was a long time ago, but there are still some beliefs floating around that may not actually be true, especially when it comes to health.

How long should a toddler use a sippy cup?

The sippy cup can be both a toddler and parent's best ally when learning how to drink like a big kid but when is it time to ditch the training wheels and transition to a regular glass?

Games to help expand your toddler's vocabulary

your baby's getting pretty good at making herself understood, but the more words she knows how to say, the more sense she'll make sense to people who aren't you.

Turning "keep from spreading germs" into a game

There are germs everywhere. Literally.

Fun and games: Dance-off

Put on your dancing shoes, you and your baby are going to tear up the dance floor - or the kitchen floor, whichever one is closer.

Getting your toddler's sleep schedule back on track

It's one thing to build a sleep schedule from the ground up as your child grows, but what about the times when that schedule goes off course, like during a holiday or an illness, and it needs to be reset?

Talking to other parents about your rules for your child

It may take a village to raise a child, but sometimes, it takes a few conversations to make sure the whole village is on the same page.

How long can my toddler ride in a sling or backpack?

Whether you're on a day-long hike or just a quick trip down to the corner store, there are plenty of ways for your family to stay on the go.

How board games can help promote learning

Board games are fun for the whole family, but they're extra fun for your baby's brain!

Talking to your child about a new sibling-to-be

It's easy for younger children - or even older ones! - to start to feel unsure when a new sibling comes along.

2 years 5 months

Not only is your baby learning new things every day, but she's actually getting better at learning - which is cool because she was pretty good at learning to start with, wasn't she?

Helping your toddler practice conversational skills

In the next few years, the rapid vocabulary growth that your baby's been experiencing is going to start to slow down, but her language skills are going to keep growing dramatically.

Reintroducing foods your toddler has refused in the past

Not every food has to be your baby's favorite, but a no once doesn't need to be a no forever, either.

When should I start looking for a preschool?

For the rest of your baby's scholastic life, September is going to mean "back to school," but before she's started preschool, it's just, "to school!"

When should I start looking for a preschool?

For the rest of your baby's scholastic life, September is going to mean "back to school," but before she's started preschool, it's just, "to school!"

What if I started potty training too early?

Getting your baby out of those stinky diapers can feel like a race to the finish line, but what if you started running before the starting signal?

Toddlers and fear of the doctor's office

Heights, spiders, public speaking - toddlers can be pretty casual about a lot of common adult fears, but when it comes to fear of the doctor, it tends to come up in all different age groups.

Helping your toddler get involved in the garden

your baby's interest and engagement in the world around her are blooming - and your garden can, too, with a little bit of a hand from your littlest helper.

Can toddlers multitask?

your baby may not be able to pat her head and rub her tummy at the same time yet - but maybe she can. Have you asked her?

How can I get my child to stop running?

One second, your baby is with you, and the next second, she is flying down the hallway/museum/sidewalk/frozen food section. Is this the thanks you get for all that time spent teaching her how to walk?

How much sleep should a two and a half-year-old get?

your baby's sleep patterns have been changing since the day she was born, but as she moves through the toddler years, they may start to settle into something more predictable - but not if her growing imagination has anything to do with it.

Helping toddlers develop healthy food-regulation habits

Healthy eating habits start in the toddler years - but from the way so many toddlers act when mealtime comes around you'd never know it.

Introducing your toddler to new social situations

your baby may be getting better at being social every day, but new people and places can throw anyone off.

How long will my toddler stay attached to their comfort object?

It's sweet to see your little one all cuddled up to her beloved wind-up tractor, but aside from the worry about the meltdown that may happen if a toddler's comfort object gets lost, many parents find themselves wondering whether their children are relying too much on their comfort objects or whether relying on a comfort object may be a sign of insecurity.

Thorough tooth brushing in the third year

Scrub-a-dub-dub - not just for the tub! It's a lot harder to make tooth-brushing fun and exciting than it is with bathtime, though.

Finding kid-food at restaurants with no children's menu

Not every restaurant is set up with your baby in mind, but that doesn't mean she can't manage a lovely meal there!

Long car trips with your mobile toddler

your baby can be anything she wants to be, but what she probably ISN'T is sitting still very often. When it comes to long car trips, though, she may not have much choice.

Toddlers and body image

your baby is becoming more aware of her body, including what it can do, but also how it looks.

2 years 6 months

your baby's social development is moving forward, but in a way that isn't always obvious to adults, since the way toddlers this age are interested in each other doesn't have too much to do with the way adults make friends.

When to step in to toddler arguments

It's a dog-eat-dog world on the playground, but toddler fights can serve an important purpose.

When your toddler has scary dreams

Scary dreams can be really disturbing. Fortunately, you're there to comfort your baby if she wakes up from a nightmare.

Help! My little one won't eat anything!

Picky eating isn't uncommon, but some toddlers take it to a whole new level.

Simple answers to complicated questions: why is it raining?

In the case of complicated questions, the best answer is usually the simplest. Here's what to say when your baby asks you a question about one of the simplest and most mysterious types of object to fall from the sky.

Great toys and games for your two-and-a-half-year-old

Since play is how a toddler works, the toys she plays with are educational by definition, but certain toys are especially good for encouraging this stage in her development.

The development of toddlers' self-control

There's a famous experiment that measures children's self-control by watching to see if they can wait to eat a marshmallow, because if they wait a certain amount of time, they'll get two. If you think your baby would have that tasty treat in her mouth before the researcher was even out of the room, you're not alone - there's a reason they did that experiment with children slightly older than your baby.

Toddlers and grown-up parties

It's definitely possible to attend an adult party with little kids - the key is to be just as mindful of your baby's needs as the host's.

When your whole family gets sick

It's bad enough coming down with an illness yourself, worse still to pass one back and forth with your baby, but the trickiest thing about being sick is the way it can make its way through the whole family.

Raising a confident child

Does your baby walk around your home like she is the ruler of all she surveys? Young children have great building blocks for strong self-confidence in their personalities, and with a little encouragement, they can grow into confident, assertive children and adults.

Reasonable screen time limits for a toddler

It's the rare toddler whose attention isn't captured by a screen, but just how - and how much - should your little one be engaging in screen time?

Fun new ways to introduce vegetables

your baby may be growing fast, but that doesn't mean her taste in food is getting bigger with her. Some toddlers need a little extra encouragement before they become true veggie-connoisseurs.

A toddler self-dressing timeline

your baby can walk, talk, can feed herself (mostly) without getting it all over the floor, so when can she add dressing herself to her repertoire?

Saying no to your toddler when they really, really, really want something

Standing firm when you and your baby are on opposite sides of a battle of wills is tough, but it's only through saying no now and then that you can start to teach your baby about the importance of self-control and delayed gratification.

Talking to your toddler about their day

"How was your day, your baby?" If that's not her favorite question, it may be time for a different approach.

Table manners for toddlers

Whether your baby is the neatest eater in her playgroup, or a tiny tornado at the dinner table, there's a good chance she still has a lot to learn about table manners.

Fun and games: Hide-and-seek by proxy

Hide-and-seek is a classic, but there are plenty of ways to alter it to match your baby's idea of fun.

Your toddler's grasp on grammar

Between the ages of two and three, your little one's language will improve in leaps and bounds. Her vocabulary is growing every day, but more than that, she is starting to understand grammar in a more complex way - and the mistakes she makes along the way only help her learn.

Why is my toddler so stubborn?

Whether it's an, "I want more," situation, or more of a "but WHY not?" one, toddlers certainly know how to be tenacious.

Ideas for fun outdoor play on a snowy day

Just because there's snow on the ground, it doesn't mean that you and your little one can't get outside to play.

Communicating your toddler's boundaries to relatives

To hug, or not to hug? That's a question adults get to decide the answer to themselves, but toddlers aren't always given the same courtesy.

Keeping your toddler safe in your home without hovering

There's very little toddlers won't get their hands on if given the chance, but they're also eager to be independent. So just how can you let your little one do her own thing without hovering?

Letting your toddler win

It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game - but does your baby agree? And if not, is now a good time for her to learn?

Introducing your toddler to flossing

Flossing can feel like too adult of an activity for a toddler, but those little teeth can be at risk for some pretty big cavities.

Setting up your toddler's world for independence

It's an adult's world, and your baby is trying to become a more independent toddler within it.

2 years 7 months

your baby is entering the phase in her life where the milestones she meets may have as much to do with her opportunities and interests as with where she is developmentally.

Rules at other people's houses

Toddlers are smart, but they still need guidance in order to become well-mannered guests - and for a while, your baby's manners as a houseguest are going to be a work in progress.

The benefits of letting toddlers climb

Giving your little one the chance to try out her climbing skills is a great way for her to work on her gross motor abilities, and can be a positive part of good physical and mental health.

How much should my toddler eat?

Toddler appetites are mysterious things, but with a little decoding, you can make sure your baby's appetite is steering her towards balanced nutrition.

Simple answers to common questions: why is the sky blue?

In the case of complicated questions, the best answer is usually the simplest. Here's what to say when your baby asks you why the sky is blue.

Teaching toddlers about animals' feelings

From roaring like a silly lion in a favorite book to watching birdies outside the window, many toddlers are excited by and curious about animals, which makes this a great time to start to teach your little one about how to respect and even care for animals.

Adding physical activity to a city-dwelling toddler's life

City tots have plenty of advantages, but big city streets can present their own challenges to active toddlers, too.

Being flexible with the bedtime routine

Every day with a toddler is its own obstacle course, and some nights, there are more obstacles to the bedtime-finish-line than others.

Does my toddler drink enough water?

Running here, bouncing there - how much water does an active toddler need to stay fully hydrated?

Why are children's stories so scary sometimes?

If your baby's favorite story is also the one that's most likely to give her nightmares, not only is she not alone, but she is also part of a long tradition of scary children's stories.

Potty training resistance

Potty training is one of the hardest things most toddlers have learned to do at this point in their lives, and it's very common to have a few setbacks.

Your toddler's first pillow

Is your baby fully outfitted for her sweet dreams?

Encouraging self-sufficiency in your toddler

your baby can walk on her own, can (mostly) talk on her own, so what's next?

Teaching your toddler to play nicely with younger children

Between the ages of two and three, children's social skills develop in major ways. By the time your little one is three, she might be able to cooperate, share, take turns, play more calmly, and even try to solve conflicts with playmates! But what happens when her playmates may not have learned as much yet?

2 years 8 months

There are a lot of things your baby loves, but unless she is a very rare kind of toddler, bedtime probably isn't one of them.

Should I correct my toddler's pronunciation?

As your baby learns to speak, she isn't going to get it right every time, but is it up to you to teach her better, or will she learn on her own?

Can I teach my toddler math?

Whether it's counting while other people hide for hide-and-seek or the equation of a life-changing technological algorithm, your baby is going to be surrounded by numbers for the rest of her life - but is now too early to get to know them?

Can I teach my toddler math?

Whether it's counting while other people hide for hide-and-seek or the equation of a life-changing technological algorithm, your baby is going to be surrounded by numbers for the rest of her life - but is now too early to get to know them?

Simple answers to complicated questions: why do bad things happen to good people?

In the case of complicated questions, the best answer is usually the simplest. Here's what to say when your baby asks you a question about bad things, and why they happen to good people.

Simple answers to complicated questions: why do bad things happen to good people?

In the case of complicated questions, the best answer is usually the simplest. Here's what to say when your baby asks you a question about bad things, and why they happen to good people.

Toddler feeding problems

As your little one grows, she will probably go through plenty of food phases for no reason you'll ever be able to pinpoint, but if she consistently seems to be having trouble finding her appetite, there may be an underlying reason for it.

Bathtime safety and your almost-three-year-old

Rubber ducks, bubbles, what is there not to love about bathtime? But getting clean isn't all fun and games, and even now that your baby's pretty big and strong, it's still important to be careful.

Setting reasonable bedtimes as your toddler moves into childhood

When your baby was just born, making sure she got enough sleep may have mostly just involved paying attention to when she was tired, but these days, it can take a bit more strategizing.

The benefits of singing with your toddler

Does your baby have a skip in her step? A dance in her stride? A tune on her tongue and an song in her heart? Then maybe it's time for her to let it out!

Modifying behavior without being mean

If your baby is the one who keeps doing things she shouldn't, why is it you who ends up feeling like a broken record? Discipline in the toddler years is tricky, but there are positive ways to make it work.

Common sleep problems in the third year

When it comes to toddlers, getting and staying asleep isn't always a walk in the park.

Pros and cons of quiet time at bedtime

Though you wouldn't know it from reading any single sleep philosophy, there's no one perfect way to make sure all children get a good night's sleep.

Talking to your toddler about trying new things

There's a whole new world out there for your baby to explore! But how do you respond when she's not feeling so adventurous?

Fun and games: People-watching

There's a whole wide world full of interesting people out there, and talking about it is a great way to expand your baby's horizons!

Getting your picky eater a balanced diet

Food is one of the most basic human needs, so why do toddlers seem so determined to keep you from making sure they get enough?

Helping your toddler make friends

your baby's social circle is probably pretty small, but then, so is she, and she'll be ready to start branching out any time now.

Tips for breaking the pattern of bedtime battles

Every toddler has the occasional rough night when it comes to bedtime, but if your baby acts like bedtime is the worst thing to ever happen to her every single night, you may need to break your family out of the cycle.

When will my toddler be able to run for office? A skills breakdown

Your little one may very well be the voice of a generation, and if she is, should she really have to wait until she's grown up to start changing the world?

Helping your non-parent friends get to know your toddler

Once you have kids, it can be challenging to stay friends with other adults, especially if they don't have children. But if you're committed to keeping your friendships afloat while your baby is a toddler, an important part of this process is helping your friends get to know your baby.

Potty training pitfalls

Of all the milestones your baby is going to meet and surpass over the next few years, potty training may be one of the most anticipated - but the road to a fully potty-trained tot doesn't always run smooth.

How will I introduce the idea of a sibling to a toddler?

your baby's going to have a baby sibling! Is she excited? Sometimes that excitement can come down to how she's prepared for this big change.

Handling questions you don't know the answer to

You may be pretty close to all-knowing when it comes to your baby, but there are probably one or two things in the world you're not sure about, and one of these days, your baby is going to ask a question about one of those things - toddlers are really good at that.

Educating your child about the internet

Should we still be worried about chat rooms, or is there a new danger on the digital horizon?

Suggested immunization schedule for your baby's second year and onward through early childhood

Wondering what vaccinations your child will receive in later childhood? We've got all the info for you here.

Is my almost-three-year-old ready to stop napping?

There are a lot of things toddlers your baby's age aren't doing anymore - waking up every three hours to be fed (usually), trying to fit her entire foot in her mouth (probably), and crawling (unless it's really REALLY fun) - but should napping be one of those things?

The evolution of a toddler's pencil grip

She's still a few years away from her first epic poem, but the ingredients that are going to form your baby's literacy are already coming together, from her ABCs to her understanding of how books work to... her handwriting?

2 years 9 months

Remember when dinnertime was easy? Whether you're thinking back to before your baby came along, or just to a few short months ago when she wasn't so suspicious of any food that wasn't beige, you'll make it back to that happy place again someday! In the meantime, there are a few tricks that can help you have more harmonious meals with your kiddo.

Daycare vs. preschool vs. pre-K

When your baby's fifth birthday rolls around, it becomes pretty clear where she's supposed to be in school, but until then, it can be a little murkier.

Toddlers and strange fascinations

Sometimes a toddler's obsession is an interest that's the intense, toddler version of a hobby (like running out to see the garbage truck pick up the trash every week), while in other cases, it might be something less comprehensible to adults (like wanting to wear shoes everywhere - including to bed or in the bath).

Hair washing battles and your toddler

One reasons fears can stick around longer than they might otherwise is because parents feel that ignoring or downplaying the problem will make it go away.

Tips for packing for children

Packing for kids is often a balancing act between bringing all the stuff you actually need to make the trip run smoothly and not bringing so much that lugging it everywhere is a nightmare.

Why might a toddler have dark circles under their eyes?

Is your tot up burning the candle at both ends? Maybe, but there could be another reason for those dark circles under her eyes.

I don't like my toddler's friends

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your toddler's friends. But what if you really, really want to?

Slaying the monster in the closet: Dealing with your toddler's irrational fears

Everyone has irrational fears - toddlers just tend to have a few more of them than other people.

Children and foreign languages

Knowing multiple languages has many benefits for your baby, but it also has a great benefit for you: you can tell your baby you love her in even more ways!

Should my toddler be dressing on their own?

The skill of dressing yourself isn't just about keeping patterns from clashing, and your baby is probably still in the 101 stage of learning how.

Outdoor safety hazards

There sure is a lot of 'outdoors' out there, and you can help your baby navigate it more safely than she might without your guidance.

Connecting an adopted child with an adoption mentor

There's plenty you can do to help your child process how she feels about her adoption, but in some situations, it's helpful for her to have someone who's been in the same situation to talk to.

Working from home with a toddler

Toddlers aren't the easiest coworkers to have, but you and your baby are so in-sync, you're sure to figure out a great working relationship.

Gifts you can make with your toddler

your baby loves to help, but if she wants to help you with a gift that's going to be given to someone else, it can be helpful to play to her strengths.

Fun and games: Movie-making challenge

Lights, camera, action! your baby is as photogenic as they come, do you think she's ready for her big break?

What kind of milk should my toddler be drinking?

As your baby grows, the recommendations for her healthiest diet are going to keep changing with her.

Why does my toddler keep telling the same joke over and over again?

"Knock knock." If your baby only knows one answer to "who's there?" she's not alone.

Toddler shower safety

Your toddler is growing up, and she may be ready to start exploring the wider world of bathing - including showers!

Toddlers and telephones

Extended family members can have such a big impact on childhood, but what's the best way to stay in touch when your baby's biggest fans are an airplane ride away?

Raising responsible children

your baby may be somewhat of a little wild thing now, but with your help, she may grow up to be the most responsible kid on the block!

2 years 10 months

"You are what you eat," actually applies a lot more to your baby's pretend play than to her dinner - she probably isn't literally a green bean, but she may pretend to feed green beans to her teddy bears a few days after they're on your dinner menu.

Your toddler's sense of style

At this age, toddlers are eager to have some independence in any way they can, and picking out clothes to wear is a great way for them to assert themselves.

Answering the big questions

your baby's questions are a sign that your little one's mind is growing right on track.

Toddler friendships when you're not friends with the parents

Nice kids your baby likes are raised by nice parents you'll like ...right? Parent friendships matchmade by friendly toddlers don't always run perfectly smoothly.

Emerging food allergies in the toddler years

If you've introduced all of the most common allergens to your baby without any problems, you might feel ready to let your guard down at mealtime, but food allergies can emerge at different times in childhood, so it never hurts to know what to look for.

Are naps really necessary?

When your toddler switches off like a lightbulb at naptime, it's easy to look forward to, but if she has started to resist, parents can start to dread napping as much as their toddlers.

Just shyness, or a problem with socialization?

It's hard to get to the root of a toddler's behavior on your own, especially because, at this point, your toddler is probably doing most of her socializing with family at home.

If toddlers watch TV...what should they watch?

House of Blocks, Game of High Chairs...are they making prestige dramas for toddlers yet? Educational shows are the best TV options for toddlers, but it can be hard to distinguish between programs designed to entertain and programs designed to educate.

When you and your toddler don't see eye-to-eye

It hurts to have your baby mad at you, but there are developmental reasons she might be getting angry a little more often lately.

The guest list for your toddler's third birthday party

Choosing the right formula for a birthday party can be tricky.

Things that should still be toddlerproofed

As your baby grows, so does the number things she can reach to get her hands into.

Potty training: What to do when regression hits

your baby is learning more every day, but some of the skills she learns can go through rocky stages before she masters them.

Tips for transitioning away from a sippy cup

Has your baby held onto the sippy cup as other toddlers have let it go? As she comes closer to her third birthday, it may be a good time to start thinking about making the switch.

Is my toddler mature enough to take care of a pet?

As she grows, your baby is getting more and more able to take care of herself, but she's also becoming more and more able to take care of some of the other members of your family.

7 ways to encourage kids to help clean up

Although at this point, it may be faster and easier to clean up messes yourself, investing the time to clean up alongside your child will pay off with a child who, with any luck, won't think twice about picking up after herself on her own as she grows.

Talking to your verbal toddler about safety

When your baby starts talking back when you talk to her, your keeping-her-safe plan will have to evolve with PRONOUN_HM_HER_LOWER.

Six things to work into your bedtime routine

Putting a toddler to bed can be as complicated as learning to waltz, or as straightforward as tucking an already dozy sleeper in and tiptoeing out, but whether bedtime is a cakewalk or a little more complicated, there are a few steps that can help the journey run more smoothly.

Five ways to help young children bond with a new baby

Adding a new sibling to the family is always exciting, but there are a few ways parents can help to ease the transition.

Art supplies and your almost-three-year-old

your baby's creativity is growing even faster than the rest of her, and giving her the chance to exercise it can be fun and educational for you both!

2 years 11 months

your baby may not always be able to identify what someone else is feeling, but she's starting to care more about how other people feel - whether she seems like it or not.

Does my toddler need to know anything before Pre-K?

your baby may be getting ready for Pre-K right now, and while she surely knows more than anyone about the nooks and crannies of your home, it's not always easy to tell whether what she's learning about the world is going to be helpful in a classroom.

When can children bathe by themselves

Bubbles, rubber duck, parental supervision? It's still important to make sure your baby has all the bathtime essentials when it's time for her to get clean.

When can children start playing sports?

Slam dunk! Now she's rounding the bases, and's a touchdown! At this age, your baby probably isn't nearly as interested in the rules of any one game as she is in the chance to run, jump, throw, and kick things.

Staying active with your toddler

There are plenty of things that disappear when your baby enters your life, but your exercise routine doesn't have to go the way of movie dates and sleeping in on the weekend - working out is an activity your baby can join you in.

The benefits of toddlers playing with older kids

Little playmates, big playmates, peer playmates - all playmates are great! But here are just a few reasons why letting your toddler play with older kids in particular can be helpful.

Food ideas for a toddler birthday party

your baby just keeps getting older, and by the time this next birthday rolls around, she may have friends she'd like to celebrate with - and if there's one things toddlers at parties like to do, it's try to get at the colorful pile of presents - but if there's a second thing, it's eating birthday treats.

Flying with an almost-three-year-old

If you and your baby are thinking of spreading your wings and trying some air-travel, it can help to have some toddler-specific tricks up your sleeve.

Help! My toddler won't eat meat!

Whether it's for ethical or aesthetic reasons, sometimes a toddler just needs to take a stand. Unfortunately for parents, sometimes that stand happens over the dinner table.

Storybook guidelines for almost-three-year-olds

As she gets older, so does your toddler's intellectual appetite - but it's important to tailor your baby's storytime to her age, too.

Activities for your toddler's third birthday

If you and your baby want it to be, birthday party number three can be a little bit more of a big deal than the two that came before it!

Maturity in the 2- to 3-year-old classroom or playroom

"Does age really matter when it comes to the level of a child's maturity?"

Media guidelines for your about-to-be-three-year-old

It's a rare person whose eye isn't drawn to moving pictures on a screen, and an even rarer toddler, but how often should your tot be indulging?

Telltale trouble-signs for a daycare center

Daycare can be a fantastic resource for working parents, but not all daycare centers are created equal.

Imagination in the coming year

The more your baby learns about the world, the more she can imagine, and you're about to see a whole lot more of that imagination in the next year!

Your toddler and the word 'why'

Curiosity is a beautiful thing for...the first 100,000 questions. Not to be hypocritical, but why is your toddler so obsessed with asking why?

Figuring out your 3-year-old's interests

Once your baby figures out her passion, she will make sure you know about it!

Picking out activities for your three-year-old

Deciding which activities to sign a young child up for can be a challenge, but there are definitely enough benefits to group activities to make it worth it.

Monitoring your toddler's screentime

People's eyes are drawn to light and movement - it's not your baby's fault that your phone looks like the shiniest thing around, some days. She can't limit her screentime on her own - she needs your help.

Talking to your toddler about strangers

It's a great big world out there, and your baby is doing a great job of discovering some of the fun things about it on her own, but it's up to you to teach her how to avoid some of the scarier parts.

When do baby teeth start falling out?

your baby's baby teeth are all shiny and new now, but before too long, they'll be ready to say goodbye.

Common toddler fears in the third year

Smart as she is, there are a few thing your baby isn't quite ready to understand yet, and calculus is right up there with the fact that the monster she is imagining behind her closet door isn't real.

Your almost-three-year-old's sense of self-control

your baby has a little more self-control than she used to - that is, she has any - but it's still very much a skill that she's still learning.

Enforcing screentime rules with toddlers

Everyone knows it's important to set limits for toddlers, but what's trickier sometimes is figuring out how to best enforce them.

Indoor activities for a snow day

Once you have an active little one on your hands, it can be tough to face the prospect of spending a full day indoors due to foul weather, so when the weather outside is frightful, it can be good to have some entertaining indoor activities in your back pocket.

Easy read-aloud techniques to help boost language development

Reading together with your toddler is fun, it can be soothing, it can be exciting - and even if she isn't reading for herself quite yet, it's a great way for her to work on her pre-reading skills.

What is a reasonable bedtime for an almost-three-year-old?

Plenty of toddlers say they're not ready for bed when bedtime rolls around, but whether or not your baby is right about that depends on how much she naps, and when she wakes up in the morning, as well as when the lights go out.

Socialization in the fourth year

your baby has been working on her social skills a lot this year, and she is heading towards the point where that work is about to start paying off.

Pros and cons of snacktime

What's smaller than dinner, but bigger than the amount of energy you have after wrangling hungry toddler in the hours leading up to dinner? Snacktime, of course!

3 years

Happy birthday to your baby! She has a whole year of brand new milestones to look forward to.

Big changes in the coming year

Toddler no more! your baby is officially turning into a preschooler, and with this comes quite a few fun changes for the year ahead.

Talking to kids about sensitive topics

There's a good chance that your baby is going to be ready to ask some of the big questions before you feel quite ready to answer them.

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