18-24 Months

Instant hit gifts for toddler birthday parties

Whether your baby is invited to be a guest at a birthday party or you're helping a friend or family member select a gift for her, the goal is always to pick a present that will delight the birthday girl or boy.

Your toddler's understanding of space and time

Slow and steady wins the race - around the track, but also when it comes to understanding the relationships between time, speed, and distance!

Your one-year-old and personal space

The idea of personal space is different from culture to culture, and your baby's idea of personal space is probably that there is none. Explaining personal space and establishing boundaries will be an ongoing process, and there are some good ways to get the conversation started.

Echoing and learning to speak

If talking to your baby feels like having your very own parrot on your shoulder, don't worry - it's not a sign that you'll be flying the jolly roger and walking your foes off the plank, it's just another stage in your baby's language development.

Keeping relatives involved in your toddler's life when they live far away

Childhood is at its best when it's full of a cast of weird and wonderful characters - if you want your extended family to be an important part of your baby's, now is a great time to get started.

Fun and games: Shadow puppets

All you need is a dark room, a wall, and a flashlight to create a shadow puppet show with your baby. Oh, and a little hand dexterity.

Feeling competitive with your baby's childcare provider

You want your baby to love her caregivers and for those caregivers to love her right back...but not too much, right?

Explaining the difference between dreams and reality to your toddler

Is this real life, or is this just fantasy? When your baby gets confused about a dream, it can feel like there's no escape from reality.

Talking to your toddler about their own feelings

your baby is pretty brave - even their own emotions are pretty mysterious to toddlers, and they have to face their feelings every day!

Sleep overview: 18 to 24 months

Good for your baby's mood, good for her memory, good for your ability to take a bathroom break with a less-than-two-year-old shadow - sleep seems like a pretty great thing all around, but at this age, your toddler might not always agree.

Dealing with toddler sleep regression

Now that your baby is officially on the move, it would seem like she would be sleeping just as hard, to get back all the energy she is using, but it's also right around this time that many toddlers seem to take a step backwards when it comes to sleep.

Do I need to worry about moles on my toddler?

Life with a toddler is full of surprises, but beauty marks can feel like the worrying kind.

18 months old

your baby's language skills might be growing as fast as her feet this month!

Fun and games: Sidewalk chalk

The floors of the house are probably still off-limits, but with sidewalk chalk, the great outdoors is your baby's canvas, and what toddler can resist that?

Talking to your toddler about moving

For people who are always changing themselves, toddlers aren't always great with big external changes. If your family is preparing for the big change of moving to a new home, talking to your toddler about the change can help her prepare.

Clingy behaviors in toddlers

There's nothing sweeter than cuddliness from a toddler, but when that cuddliness starts to turn into clinginess it can start to cause some concern.

Toddlers and the "why" phase

Do you know why the sky is blue? Do you know why your cat likes that spot under the bed? Do you know why carrots are orange, and why it's not always summer? If not, now's your chance to start studying, before your toddler hits the "why" phase.

Feast or famine: Your toddler's varying appetite

Whether she's joyful or inconsolable, your toddler lives by extremes, so why should her appetite be any different?

The realities of multiples' dynamics

Multiples may share birthdays with their siblings, but they're not all exactly alike! Research (and personal experience from parents) has shown that while there are some things parents can typically expect from their multiples, there are always new things to discover about their dynamics.

Fun and games: City planning

It's never too early to put out a feeler for your baby's future dream job, right? If you've already explored art and science this week, why not see if she has a knack for city planning? You'll just need a few toy cars, some masking tape, and a little imagination.

Toddlers and self-control

Everyone struggles with self-control, but toddlers are in a league of their own - and there's a reason for that.

Waiting room games with your toddler

your baby may not be old enough to understand the appeal of "the quiet game," but there are plenty of other ways the two of you can while away a long wait.

Hiking with your toddler

Whether your baby has loved the great outdoors since her first outing, or she has been more of a not-so-happy-camper during outdoor activities, she's more mobile now than she ever has been, and she may be ready to hit the trail with you.

Toddlers and silverware regression

Toddlers don't have a lot of tools at their disposal when they decide to go on strike, so don't be surprised if things start to get a little messier again at mealtime.

Toddlers and pre-math

Math isn't all long division and arctangents - your baby is getting her first lessons in the concepts she'll use when she is first learning math just by exploring the world around her!

Permissive relatives and the holidays

Tis the season... to wonder if your relatives will have a bad influence on all the hard work you've been doing raising your baby. Here are some ways to get through the holidays without losing your cheer.

7 things to do with a cardboard box

Cardboard boxes aren't just for packaging. There are dozens - actually, more than dozens - of amazing things you can do and make with a single cardboard box.

Preparing your toddler for big changes

Change is the one thing that never changes, but when change disrupts a toddler's routine, she can have a hard time making the adjustment.

Fun and games: Things to do with ice

For hot summer days or just days when ice sounds super fun, there are lot of things you can do with just a tray of ice cubes!

19 months old

Sharing is caring, but your baby probably doesn't care too much about that, yet - don't worry, it's all part of the process!

Your toddler the early riser

The birds aren't chirping, the sun isn't shining, and yet your toddler is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed anyway. What's up with your baby's internal clock, and how can you get a little more well-deserved sleep in the morning?

When do toddlers start to speak in sentences?

your baby may be speaking in words, but that doesn't mean she is anywhere near communicating politely. She is well on her way to full sentences, though, and you can give her a hand the rest of the way.

Classes for toddlers

Most one-year-olds simply aren't ready for college, but that doesn't mean your baby can't do some good ol' fashioned organized learning!

Teaching physics to your toddler

So maybe your toddler isn't ready to take any standardized academic tests yet, but she is more curious about the world than many of the teenagers who are being taught about it - brushing up on your understanding of the laws of the universe could lead to some good conversations with her.

How much TV should a toddler watch?

Maybe your favorite show from childhood is a treasured memory, or maybe you were strictly a books-only kid, but there's a good chance that, at some point, shows and videos and the screens they come on are going to be a part of your baby's life. But when is the right time to start?

Toddlers and sensory development

We learn about the five senses (fun fact: there are actually far more) from a young age, but we start working on our sensory development even earlier.

When to take your toddler to the emergency room

Deciding whether or not to take a child to the ER isn't a fun decision to make, but it's an important one, and it helps to be prepared.

Signs your toddler is ready for potty training

They grow up so fast! A lot of the time, that growth can feel bittersweet, but it's a rare parent who isn't completely excited for the growth that leads to potty training!

Toddlers and aggression

It's common for toddlers to strike out aggressively as a way of expressing themselves when they're still figuring out how to handle their emotions. It's also pretty common for parents not to now exactly how to handle this tendency.

Talking to your toddler about the connection between meat and animals

It's no accident that most picture books about barnyards don't talk too much about what all of the animals are there for, and when it comes time to talk to your toddler about what her chicken nuggets used to look like, it can be helpful to have an idea how to approach the subject.

Beginning solo classes and activities

your baby is growing more independent every day - she'll be joining an intramural bowling league before you know it!

Help! My child hates wearing clothes

your baby may want to be Tarzan when she grows up, or she may just be getting overheated when fully clothed, but either way, a toddler's nudist phase can be a tricky one for her parents to navigate.

Fun and games: Stringing beads

Don't bust out the strings of pearls, but when it comes to some less luxurious jewelry-making, your baby might be ready to try to make some strings of less traditional jewelry.

In the kitchen with your toddler

Showing your toddler the wonders of the kitchen is a fabulous activity for rainy day, or any day. For toddlers, the kitchen can be a sensory overload of touch, sounds, smells and tastes.

Adult vacations that are great for kids

Toddlers can complicate some vacations - your baby probably isn't ready to hike the Alps with you, for example - but that doesn't mean your family can't find the right vacation for right now and have a blast!

Sports skills and toddler development

Whether she's a future Olympian or a future klutz (or both!) there are a few skills your baby's going to start to pick up over the next few years, and she'll need them if and when she decides to join a team one of these days.

Contagious distress and your toddler

It's not just enthusiasm that's contagious - your baby can catch more negative feelings, like fear or agitation, too.

5 tips for dealing with a temper tantrum

Even the most easygoing toddler has her bad days. It takes two to tantrum, though - or at least to get a really dramatic one going.

Help! My toddler is interested in violent toys and games

Just like a fascination with climbing the stairs doesn't mean your baby will grow into a mountain climber (though she might!), a preference for playing rough doesn't mean she is growing into an overly aggressive person.

Signs to call the doctor

Parents don't have their doctors on speed dial these days, but that's just because we don't have speed dial anymore. It's still very important to know when to get into contact with the pediatrician or other healthcare provider.

Blanket forts 101

The next time you need something to keep you and your baby occupied for a few hours, show her what blanket forts are all about.

Weaning a nursing toddler

Nursing a baby into toddlerhood can be both challenging and rewarding, and so can the process of weaning her.

Solving food issues with your toddler in the second year

Mealtime can get tricky. But at the end of the day, it boils down to this: you provide your baby with healthy food options, and she picks what she wants to eat.

Helping your child get along with pets

A dog may or may not be man's best friend, but she definitely doesn't always start out as your baby's. With a little of your help, though, your pet and your little one can grow into best pals.

The importance of active, outdoor play

Whether it's Duck Duck Goose or Tag that's your little one's sport, it's hard to find a toddler who doesn't enjoy spending a little time in the great outdoors.

Opportunities to encourage your toddler's growing sense of independence

She will still need to hold your hand crossing the street for a few more years, but with your encouragement, your baby is growing more and more independent every day.

Your toddler's sense of humor

Your toddler may not be cracking jokes yet, but her sense of humor is growing every day - and right now, it might lean towards the absurd.

Climbing toddlers

Is it a mountain goat, or is it your toddler? Maybe neither of them will answer to "hey, kid!" but they might both be climbing pretty high these days. Only one probably has hooves, though.

Encouraging a love of music in your toddler

Now's the perfect time to start helping your baby develop an appreciation for music that will last her a lifetime.

Toddler-proofing your devices

For someone with such tiny fingers, your baby sure can do a lot of damage. As she gets more and more interested in your phone, you may find that it needs a few extra layers of protection.

20 months old

your baby doesn't know everything yet, but she's learning more every day, and she's using her body language and your help to do so.

Toddlers and limit-testing

With new words, new movements and new personality comes testing limits. Your toddler is likely trying new things all the time now, and is probably testing you and how much you'll let her get away with.

Toddlers and limit-testing

With new words, new movements and new personality comes testing limits. Your toddler is likely trying new things all the time now, and is probably testing you and how much you'll let her get away with.

The evolution of the bedtime story

From those early days when your little one is only registering the sound of your voice, to her future as a bookworm, the way a child responds to bedtime stories is always changing.

The evolution of the bedtime story

From those early days when your little one is only registering the sound of your voice, to her future as a bookworm, the way a child responds to bedtime stories is always changing.

Dealing with the flu

Annoying at best and dangerous at worst, the flu is an experience most children have for the first time at some point before they're ready to start tying their own shoes.

Dealing with the flu

Annoying at best and dangerous at worst, the flu is an experience most children have for the first time at some point before they're ready to start tying their own shoes.

Toddlers and treats

There's nothing wrong with a little treat now and then, but toddlers aren't exactly known for their self-control. your baby may not know it yet, but she's counting on you to keep an eye on her sugar intake until she is ready to do it for herself.

When is my toddler too sick to go to daycare?

It's not always easy, figuring out whether your baby's the kind of sick that she'll just snuffle through for a few days, or if it's time to bundle her into bed until she feels better.

When your toddler resists naptime

During the toddler years, naptime can turn from a peaceful oasis into a battleground - but there are a few tools it can be helpful to have in your arsenal.

When, how, and why I started working on numbers with my son

Everything is an opportunity to count.

Teaching children to play nice with baby siblings

Your toddler might be the sweetest kid around, but having a new baby sibling can have a strange effect on any child, so it may take a little extra effort to get your little ones to play together nicely.

Transitioning to a toddler bed

The transition to a toddler bed is a coming of age story, and your baby is the star. Before you start guiding her on the journey, there's some things you may want to consider.

Encouraging adventurous eating in the second year

As your baby explores the world around her, you're probably already trying to encourage her to explore the mysterious frontiers of her plate at dinner, too.

Rash or acne?

Lots of toddlers act like little teenagers, but most of them don't have the skin concerns to go with the attitude.Toddlers do occasionally get little breakouts, but they're rarely true acne.

Helping a toddler with social anxiety

No one's immune from getting a little shy now and then, and toddlers are no exception. Your little one may get a little bashful now and then, but lucky for her, she has you on her side, to help her get through it.

Teaching manners as your child grows

As your baby grows, she learns new skills every day - and one of these days, you may want one of those skills to be saying 'please.' Here are a few thoughts about getting started.

Stay-at-home parenting with a toddler

Staying at home with a toddler involves a lot more running around than staying at home with a baby did, but some things are constant.

Fun and games: Sorting by color

One thing that makes children's toys so special is their vibrant colors and patterns. That means visual stimulation, a colorful nursery, and easy sorting for you and your baby! Sorting toys, games, and other objects by color can be a fun game with just a hint of productivity and organization.

Toddlers and gendered toys

Some toys are marketed as girls' toys or boys' toys, but should that matter?

When your toddler can't fall asleep

When you hit the toddler years, it's easy to think that it'll be smooth sailing sleep-wise, now that your baby's out of the "infant" stage, but don't relax too soon.

Your toddler and the full sentences of the future

It doesn't take a crystal ball to see that when words and phrases start to pop up in your toddler's mouth, full sentences aren't far behind.

Having and teaching compassion for children with allergies

Just because your child might be lucky enough not to have any food allergies, that doesn't mean that food allergies won't be a part of her life at some point.

Talking to your toddler about the differences between people

your baby is an observant person, and as she grows, she is going to start to notice more and more things about the people around her.

Outdoor games for toddlers

your baby's ready to do some rough-and-tumble outdoor play, but where should she start?

Helping your toddler stay safe at home

Home is where your family can relax and spend time together. But through no fault of your own, many necessary and common household items can be dangerous for toddlers.

Why praise shouldn't be demonized

If you've never given a second thought to the effects - both positive and negative - that praise might have on a growing child, now just might be the time.

Common toddler skin rashes: Part 1

Parents learn pretty early on that "baby soft" skin isn't always so soft, but plenty of skin rashes are very common in the toddler years.

Can my toddler wear nail polish?

If your baby sees you doing something that looks interesting, she might want to participate. You probably understand this well from all your experiences with your baby sneaking a bite of your food, checking on you in the bathroom, or "helping" you with household tasks. If you're putting shiny stuff on anyone's nails, your baby might want in on the fun.

Toys that are fun for more than one age-group

Not all toys are going to be the favorites that children remember all the way into adulthood, but there are certain kinds of toys that are more likely to stand the test of time than others.

The building blocks of teaching your toddler about hygiene

your baby wasn't born knowing how to wash her own hands, and it's a skill she's going to need by the time kindergarten rolls around, so why not start now?

Pre-school problem-solving: When your toddler is having trouble getting along

Making new friends is tough, especially if you're a toddler, and your social skills are still in their infancy (or at least their toddlerhood).

Reminiscing: Reasons to talk to your toddler about the past

When it comes to your baby's development, talking about past events can be an important tool for growth.

Nakedness at home

It's not considered that out-of-the-ordinary for a toddler to fling off her entire outfit because the tag on her shirt was itchy. It's a little less expected when her parent does the same thing. But is there anything wrong with casual family nudity around toddlers?

A parent's guide to searching for a lost toy

The more beloved the toy, the harder it is to know when to give up the chase and stop looking for it.

Setting boundaries with your verbal toddler

your baby knows a lot more words these days, but when those words are used to make rules, she might still have some trouble with them.

21 months old

The more your 21-month-old learns, the more she wants to know!

Clothes shopping with your growing toddler

It is so fun to pick out cute clothes for your little one. So fun, in fact, that your baby makes sure to grow out of clothes seemingly as fast as you can buy them. How considerate of her! Buying clothes for your toddler can feel like shooting at a moving target, but there are ways to make it easier.

Help! My child won't sit in the grocery cart

Going to the grocery store might not be that exciting to you, but to your baby, everything from the cart to the fellow-shoppers can be an adventure. Sometimes this can make grocery trips easier, but other times, the opposite might happen.

Which toys to keep after your toddler grows out of them

your baby might be getting bigger, but her toys are staying the same size. There are some toys and trinkets you might want to hold onto even when your baby outgrows them, and there are some others it's probably time to say goodbye to.

Your toddler's first friend you don't like

You're not going to get along with everyone in life, but it can be disconcerting the first time one of the people you don't totally get along with is someone else's toddler.

Toddler copying actions

Monkey see, monkey do, right? Babies, toddlers, children, and even adults all learn about the world by watching others and imitating what they do. What's really going on in your baby's brain when she copies your actions?

Fun and games: Reading half books

All of your little one's books have wonderful endings, of course, but wouldn't it be fun to find out what endings your baby would come up with on her own? By reading half a book with her, you can do just that!

When to start giving responsibilities

Whether it starts tomorrow or when she gets assigned her first homework assignment, your baby's life is going to be full of more and more responsibilities as she grows. Many parents believe this responsibility should start at home.

When your toddler is afraid of the doctor

Going to the doctor is like ripping off a band-aid. It might be painful, but it's good for you in the long run, and it's better to get it over with sooner than later. your baby doesn't know that, though. It's up to you to help her feel more comfortable about visits to the doctor.

Toddlers and literal thinking

Whether it's the way she leaps into action when you tell her that the two of you have to run, or the fastball she sends your way when you ask her to throw you another napkin, toddlers can be pretty literal thinkers, but this stage doesn't last forever.

Tantrums, toddlers, and public places

What happened to the days of having your infant in public and having people "ooh" and "ahh" over her? Sure, she is still cute, but now that cuteness can come with the occasional tantrum, which can make outings trickier.

Your toddler and body language

your baby's first word was something for the baby book, but what about the first time she let you know exactly how she felt about her breakfast just by the look on her face and the way she was tilting her head?

Building social skills without daycare

Daycare is a great way for young children to spend time with other kids, but it's not the only way for a pre-pre-schooler to make friends and start to build her social skills.

Normal napping patterns for almost-two-year-olds

There's no magic formula for the perfect almost-2-year-old napping schedule, but there are some things that those almost-2s tend to have in common.

Sick day activities for toddlers

Sick days are usually spent napping, but sometimes toddlers have a hard time napping when they're sick. If this is ever the case for you and your baby, it's good to have a few ideas on hand for how to help the time go by.

How involved is too involved?

Everybody wants to be there for their children, and those that they love, but it's important to consider how closely you want to manage a child's day-to-day and second-to-second life.

On the go: Tricks for getting your toddler out the door in a hurry

There's nobody more stubborn than a toddler in a mood, so sometimes when your schedule is about as inflexible as your baby's busy playing schedule, you may need a backup plan to get her out the door.

Teaching your toddler about germs

As your baby grows, she's going to keep running, playing ...and getting dirty. She is learning and growing and getting covered in germs that she'll bring home from all her adventures.

Teaching your child about safety

The world is a big, beautiful place, but it's important to learn some of the unwritten rules from a young age.

Talking to your toddler about other people's feelings

Your toddler may not be the picture of empathy today, but she's learning more and more about other people's feelings all the time, and the more you talk to her about them, the more practice she gets.

When can I turn the car seat around?

It's easy to miss being able to see your baby's face when you're driving, but travel safety guidelines suggest keeping children in rear-facing seats for longer than many parents expect.

Fun science experiments to try with your toddler

Sure, your baby may be a little young to start writing lab reports, but that doesn't mean she can't get a head-start on observing the world around her!

When to get involved in toddler arguments or fights

You've had decades to learn how to avoid fights and resolve arguments. your baby? Not so much. Learning how to peacefully end arguments and fights is an important part of growing up, but there does come a time when should you step in and help out.

When your toddler is aggressive

Aggression can be surprising, and even shocking. When your baby acts in ways that are hurtful or inappropriate, it's up to you to step in and teach or remind her how to behave.

Fun and games: Modeling compounds

Whether she's making a reusable-clay city or just rolling out another snake between her hands, your little one can learn a lot by playing with modeling compounds.

Holiday or end-of-year gifts for childcare workers

This special season comes but once each year: the what-gifts-can-I-possibly-get-for-all-my-loved-ones-in-the-next-twenty-minutes-at-the-mall season. It's beautiful, no? Don't sweat it; everyone has trouble thinking of gift ideas.

How much socialization should an almost-two-year-old get?

Now that your baby is getting older, when is the right time to start encouraging social interaction?

Toddlers and tablets

your baby may be great with your tablet, but is your tablet great for her?

Fun and games: Pasta necklace

Pasta is the gift that keeps on giving. It's easy to cook, it's delicious, and it can even become a part of your most stunning jewelry. It's not a diamond necklace, but it is local artisan work by the renowned your baby!

22 months old

your baby is learning how to do more and more new things every day - and that's great, right?

Great haircuts for your little one

If toddlers grow fast, their hair only grows even faster. Here are a few ideas for keeping your tot's locks neat!

Great haircuts for your little one

If toddlers grow fast, their hair only grows even faster. Here are a few ideas for keeping your tot's locks neat!

Flossing and your toddler

If flossing regularly was easy, it wouldn't be so many people's New Year's Resolution, but if your baby starts early, she'll be well on her way to strong, healthy teeth through adulthood.

The development of handedness in toddlers

Now that your baby might be getting ready to join you at the dinner table, it's natural to wonder if she is going to be a lefty or a righty when you're thinking about seating arrangements, but you might not know for sure right away.

Ways to make eating with utensils fun

You probably don't remember learning how to use a fork. But believe it or not, there was a time in your life when you had no idea what that thing was for, or how it worked. Now that you've got years of mealtime experience under your belt, it's time to help your baby start getting a feel for using utensils while she eats.

Keeping your toddler engaged at storytime

The older your baby gets, the more she has the potential to really get into the story in a good book, but making that potential into a reality isn't always easy.

Dinner conversations to have with your toddler

your baby's conversational skills are still just getting started these days, but practice makes her language skills stronger every day, and the dinner table is a great place to get started.

A toddler's growing sense of independence

One day your toddler can't stand without a little extra support, and the next, she is running off to kindergarten! That's how it can feel, anyway. Right now, though, your little one is at a crucial middle-point where her sense of independence has the chance to grow every day.

Handling your toddler's nightmares

Bad dreams are a pretty normal part of life, but for young children, who are still working out the difference between fantasy and reality, they can be especially scary.

Helping your shy toddler make friends

Shyness in children is common, and it's completely normal for young toddlers. Still, a parent wants to see their little one having fun and making friends, which can be harder for shy children. You can't make friends for your baby, but you can help her learn how to make friends on her own.

Toys that are inappropriate for your toddler

In an ideal world, your baby could play with any toy that she wanted. But the reality is that at this age, certain toys are simply too dangerous for your baby to be playing with, and they won't be appropriate until she is a little older.

Games to tire out your toddler

There's no energy like toddler energy! And while it's great most of the time, bedtime and nap time can suffer for it. The cure? Plenty of active play!

Leaving an angsty toddler with the sitter

The best things in life are free. But there are also some pretty good things that cost money, one of which is hiring a babysitter. You'll get to enjoy some time away from the house while helping your baby feel more comfortable in the sitter's care.

Kissing it better: Dealing with toddler bumps and bruises

You can be as careful as possible and your baby may still end up with the occasional bump or bruise - she just isn't ready to start being careful for herself yet.

6 reasons why the toddler years are the best years

It's called the "terrible twos" for a reason, but there's certainly a case to be made that the years of toddlerdom are the best years.

Pros and cons of a toddler harness

It would be nice to just use your minds to keep your toddler within arm's reach, but if you don't develop superhuman abilities any time soon, is a toddler harness the right answer?

Saying goodbye to a caregiver

Choosing who's going to be taking care of your baby when you're working or busy is a big decision, and saying goodbye to that person is a big deal as well.

Common fears in the toddler years

Whether it's dogs, the dark, or a rising sense of existential dread, most toddlers are afraid of something at some point. Toddler fears don't always make too much sense to adults, but that doesn't make them any less scary to the toddlers experiencing them.

When can a child be reasonably expected to learn to read?

Of course your baby is a smarty-pants, but what does that mean for when she should be starting to read?

Fun and games: Follow the yarn

The best activities are the ones you can do with items already lying around your home, right? For this game, all you need is a ball of string or yarn and a prize of your choice!

Toddlers and magical thinking

Magical thinking sounds pretty fun - and it is - but it can also be the cause of some of the more illogical toddler fears you and your baby may encounter before kindergarten comes around.

Answering your toddler's uncomfortable questions

Whether "what's that?" is your toddler's favorite question, or she has picked up the classic "why?" there's a good chance that she is looking to you to be one of her main sources of information about the world, even when she is asking questions that adults don't generally consider to be polite.

Toddlers and repeated stories

There's probably a limit to the number of times you want to read even your very favorite book, but you and your baby are very different people, and there's no guarantee that she shares your restraint.

Other kids on the playground

The playground is a place of fun, and wonderment...and other kids. Make sure your baby knows how to navigate in this world of the potty-trained.

Teaching your toddler to play nicely with other children

Playing nicely with others is one of those skills you never stop using, it just evolves to fit new situations, and your baby is learning more and more about it every day.

A toddler's first lie

Who chopped down that cherry tree? Not your baby - or did she? Toddlers may look innocent, but the older they get, the more capable they become of hiding the truth.

Craft kits for traveling

Craft kits can make any type of travel more entertaining for your baby. Best of all, they encourage your baby to practice skills that she is just starting to learn, including imagination, sorting skills, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

Getting along with your toddler's friends' parents

You'd think the parents of the tot who's your baby's current BFF must be just as likable as their offspring, but unfortunately, that's not always the case.

The pros and cons of training pants

If you've decided the time is right to start potty training, you'll first need a potty chair. After that, some families have also found potty training pants helpful during the process.

23 months old

your baby's on her way up in the world! Up the stairs, anyway, probably.

Handling a swearing toddler

Oh shoot. Dang. Darn. your baby has picked up some new vocabulary and wouldn't it be great if she hadn't?

Suggested immunization schedule for your baby's second year and onward through early childhood

Wondering what vaccinations your child will receive in later childhood? We've got all the info for you here.

When should a child dress him- or herself?

When your baby was a newborn, her wardrobe probably consisted entirely of onesies and funny costumes, but as she gets older, these clothes more resemble regular, grown-up clothes. But when is your baby ready to dress herself?

Your toddler's growing understanding of ownership and sharing

Whether it's an epic battle over the green truck today, or a tiff over parking spaces with her neighbor twenty years from now, sharing is a skill your baby is going to have to use for the rest of her life.

Should my toddler be in swimming lessons?

Maybe your baby's destined to be a landlubber her whole life, but you'll never know until you give her the chance to try the high seas!

Help! My partner and I have different parenting styles

As your baby grows older, you and your partner will get more and more opportunities to learn about each other's parenting styles. There will be times when both of your styles work well together, and there will also most likely be times when they conflict.

How to win an argument with your toddler

If there's anything more uncomfortable than arguing with a toddler, it's losing an argument to a toddler. So, how do you make sure you best your little one in debate?

Interpreting your toddler's art

The work of a budding artist is often abstract, or at the very least experimental.

Introducing your toddler to hand-washing

Scrub-a-dub-dub, not just for the bathtub! As your baby grows, she is taking baby-steps towards being able to take more responsibility for her own health, and washing her hands is one of the first ways she will learn about!

5 routines to work into your toddler's week

Some people love making plans, while others prefer to go with the flow. No matter which way you lean, you can probably agree that having at least a few routines is important. The same is true for toddlers, too, and your baby is the perfect age for you to start introducing some habits into her daily routine.

Talking to your toddler about tough stuff

Difficult things happen in life, and it's often very hard to explain them to a toddler. Reading about how to approach them can give you a better understanding of how to talk to your baby when they come up.

Toddler breath-holding spells

Breath-holding mid-tantrum isn't just a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but actually fairly common in toddlers your baby's age.

Levels of supervision as your toddler gets older

As she grows, your toddler isn't always going to need as much supervision, but the supervision she does need is going to be different.

The beginning of time-out

When "no" just doesn't cut it, for some parents, the next tool in the toolbox is the time-out. If time-outs are actually going to work, though, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

When your toddler likes to run off

We've got a runner! Thinking of future Olympic gold medals and sports scholarships will only get you so far when you're managing a speedy toddler with a tendency to disappear. There are some strategies you can use to keep your baby from running, but what you might really want to know are the strategies for staying sane during this adrenaline-pumping stage of your life.

Crafts with toddlers

your baby has the energy, enthusiasm, and love of getting messy that arts and crafts need, and you've got the motor skills to hold a marker without using your mouth - sounds like you two could be the perfect team!

Birthday gifts your 2-year-old will love

Two is a big birthday, but finding the perfect birthday gift doesn't have to be too big of a job.

Crib talk and your toddler

Whether your baby is still sleeping in her crib, or she has moved on to the big kid bed, she may still be doing a little crib talk.

Dealing with a sprinter

It's a varsity runner! It's an Olympian! No, wait, it's your toddler, and the finish line is where the sidewalk ends!

Why your baby is hitting and what you can do about it

It's one of the big challenges of early parenting, figuring out the right way to respond when it's your little one who's lashing out on the playground.

When to teach your toddler about "stranger danger"

Teaching your little one about safety is an ongoing conversation. You can introduce nuggets of wisdom about safety to your baby as soon as she is old enough to understand words, but you're actually teaching her about safety even earlier.

Active games for rainy days

It's raining, it's pouring. Your toddler is yelling, "this is boring!"

Encouraging pretend play

Playing pretend is an icon part of childhood, and an important part of the way children learn about the world, and sometimes a little encouragement can help it get a flying start.

Teaching your child not to bully

It's often easier to teach a child how to be nice than how to stop being mean.

Encouraging language development as your toddler grows

Whether she is a chatterbox or more of a strong and silent type, she is learning more and more about language every day, and with a little help from you, she will be fluent any day now!

Your toddler's unique dress sense

When toddlers start to take over dressing themselves, stripes next to polka dots is only the beginning, and even parents who are completely charmed by their kids' creativity occasionally have to step in as the voice of reason.

Your toddler's relationship with your pets

Dogs might be man's best friend, but baby's best friend can actually be any animal! From hamsters to horses, having a pet has a positive influence on your child's development, not to mention all of the adorable photo opportunities that come along with it. With your pet, your baby has a bonus source of unconditional love.

When will my toddler learn to jump?

Some skills your toddler learns over the first few years of her life are more obvious than others. Jumping for the first time might not get its own page in the scrapbook, but it's still an important gross motor skill.

Fun and games: Puzzles

Just like not every feline is a tiger, not ever puzzle is a thousand-piece jigsaw, but some of the big, colorful early runners-up that your baby might be interested in these days could definitely set her on the road towards giant, tiny-pieced puzzle-masterpieces.

Toddler storytelling and self-narratives

your baby may not be much of a reader yet, but that doesn't mean she can't get a head-start on telling her own stories!

Is there any truth to the "terrible twos?"

A lot of words start with the letter "t," but as your little one's second birthday approaches, "toddler," "tantrum," "two," and "terrible" might start to feel like the only ones your hear.

Traveling with your toddler

Despite what you may have heard, traveling with a toddler isn't impossible. Whether you're going by land, by sea, or by air, here are some things you should know to make the whole thing a lot smoother.

Nightmares and night terrors

Sleep may be a welcome rest for tired parents, but for some toddlers, it can feel much scarier than that.

Tricycle vs. push-bike

Picking the right vehicle to feed your toddler's need for speed is a tough decision.

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