12-18 Months

Things to consider when taking pictures of your children

Being mindful about what you can do to make your photos safe and purposeful will help make your picture-taking even more meaningful than it is.

Big changes in the second year

After a first year that exciting, your baby's going to pull out all the stops in the second!

Foods that are no longer off-limits

Your toddler's diet once was limited, but now is - well, probably still limited by the fact that she still doesn't have a full set of teeth. It's definitely full of a lot more foods than it included even a few months ago, though!

Foods that are no longer off-limits

Your toddler's diet once was limited, but now is - well, probably still limited by the fact that she still doesn't have a full set of teeth. It's definitely full of a lot more foods than it included even a few months ago, though!

Fun and games: Playing with blocks

Life's a game when you're a toddler - and when you have a toddler, life is full of finding new games to offer. Blocks are a classic, but there's a reason for that.

Why table manners can wait

Full glasses of water, foods that stain carpets, sharp objects: there are a lot of variables at mealtime, and it's understandable when parents want rules at their table. But there's a case to be made for waiting until your toddler is a little older to teach her table manners.

Your guide to scrapes, bumps, and bruises in the second year

There aren't enough hours in a day to worry every time your baby takes a tumble, but the more mobile she gets, the more important it becomes to know when to worry and when to teach your baby to laugh it off.

Your toddler's secret language: Translating toddler-ese

Just because your baby is saying words now, that doesn't mean anyone she meets can actually understand them yet. Luckily, she has you on her side.

Trimming your toddler's nails

Maybe nail-clipping isn't your favorite thing, either, but when a toddler dislikes something she needs to do, it can make life a lot harder for everyone around her.

Physical changes in the second year

One year down, now it's time to do it all again! your baby's second year will come with cognitive changes like increased vocabulary and better understanding of patterns, but there are also exciting physical changes in store.

Is your toddler ready to hold a crayon yet?

It's a question every baby has to answer for herself at some point. Deep down, am I really ready to hold a crayon? Oh, and have I reached the corresponding developmental stage?

Introducing cow's milk

For the first year of her life, your baby had a little bit of a different definition of "milk" than the rest of the family, but she is about ready to graduate to the next nutritional level, if she hasn't already.

Sleep overview: 12 to 18 months

Sleep in the toddler years isn't always fairy-tale-perfect, but your baby is moving in the direction of longer nighttime sleep, and (eventually) fewer naps.

What is holophrastic speech and why is my child using it?

Can your baby say "holophrastic speech?" Probably not, but that doesn't mean she isn't using it!

Entertaining yourself around a toddler

your baby is a bundle of energy, but that doesn't mean that you might not wish for a little adult conversation somewhere mixed into the hours you spend with her.

Signs of receptive language in your contrary toddler

You'll know that your baby is learning receptive language when you can tell that she understands what you're saying. If your child's favorite word is already "no," it can be a little more difficult to tell if she actually understands your request or not.

Second year milestones

your baby's second year can't help but be an adventure, with all the things she is going to learn how to do as it goes on!

What is toddler formula?

Just when you thought you were out of the formula-woods, a wild follow-up appears! But is toddler formula really necessary?

Why does getting out the door with a toddler take so long?

Getting out the door in the morning almost always takes longer than it feels like it should, but bringing a toddler with you takes the difficulty to a whole different level.

Pica and your one-year-old

Every toddler enjoys putting new things in her mouth, even if those things don't seem very fun, exciting, or sanitary to you. The curiosity that leads children to put things in their mouths is a normal part of growing up, and usually it's nothing to worry about. However, if your child consistently tries to chew or eat non-food substances, it could indicate pica, an eating disorder.

When do molars come in?

Most parents immediately think of young infants when they think of "teething," but there's still a whole lot more beneath the surface.

Fun and games: Sing-alongs

If you've ever felt self-conscious about your singing voice, your baby is the perfect audience - but the two of you can have even more fun if she joins in.

The beginning of self-consciousness

Whether it's a fear of public speaking, or a memory of a particularly awful phys-ed class, most adults have a few moments they feel self-conscious about, even looking back. There's a good chance not too many of those memories are from infancy, though - babies aren't born embarrassed. Like tying shoelaces and learning to ride a bike, embarrassment has to be learned.

When can children recognize themselves in mirrors?

Your face may be your baby's favorite, but her own probably isn't far behind - even if she isn't totally sure it's hers yet.

Fun and games: Sticker collage

Every parent knows that while stickers can be used for an afternoon of great fun, but they can also be used for evil. The best kind of sticker activities are, drumroll...supervised sticker activities! Unless, of course, you enjoy peeling stickers off your furniture. Then have your baby go for it!

4 subtle ways to raise an inclusive child

"I've found knowing I'm doing all I can to slow the progress of hate calms me. I believe parents have a personal responsibility to do all we can to raise children who will make the world a better place."

Encouraging your one-year-old's growing vocabulary

your baby has always had plenty to say for herself, and now she is starting to be able to!

Warning signs for respiratory allergies

Colds are common in your baby's first few years, but they're not the only reason she might be going through life with a long, slow case of the sniffles.

Self-centeredness in the second year

If you've been scratching your head wondering where on earth your baby learned to be so self-absorbed, never fear! There's a reason why she acts this way.

When to switch to a convertible car seat

One car seat definitely doesn't fit all, and as your baby grows, she may go through two or three before she is ready to graduate to the big-kid seats.

Helping your toddler feel comfortable going to the doctor

If it's a question of the doctor's office or the playground, for your baby, the playground is pretty much always going to win, but there are some ways you can help her feel a little better about the doctor's office when a trip is unavoidable.

Moving baby out of your room

Moving your little one into their own room is a big step for a lot of parents, but there are some signs that your child might be ready to make the move.

13 months old

your baby is past the one-year mark, but she isn't all grown up quite yet!

Fun and games: Found art

Your little artist is bursting with creativity, but your wallet might not be bursting with extra dollars for giant paint kits and pencil sets. There's time for that in the future, but for now, how about some found art? You'd be surprised at the beautiful creations you can make from pine cones, leaves, sponges, and more!

How often to buy clothes for a toddler

Toddlers grow like weeds, but that doesn't mean they can't be dressed to impress. Shopping for a growing toddler is definitely a skill, though.

Fun and games: Playing in the sandbox

It may not be the most glamorous part of the playground, but the sandbox is a toddler classic for a reason.

The importance of sensory play

your baby's senses are always at work, but sensory play specifically encourages her to engage as many of her senses at once as she explores.

Bathing in the second year

A lot of things have changed since your baby was born, and bathtime is only one of them, but it's an increasingly important one as she grows more and more mobile.

The case for bare feet in early walking

You want to protect your little one from any harm that might come her way, and she sure does look cute in tiny toddler shoes. However, if the ground beneath your baby's feet isn't dangerous, bare feet is actually best!

Helping your messy eater transition to an open cup

As your baby grows, the way she eats and drinks does, too. If your toddler is still drinking from a bottle, now might be a good time to help her figure out the mechanics of drinking from an open cup, all on her own.

Will my toddler be afraid or reluctant to go to the dentist?

Many adults have less-than-positive feelings about going to the dentist, but where do those feelings come from? Is it possible to instill a deep love of the dentist in your baby? Maybe!

Toddlers and solo play

We know that you're great at keeping your baby entertained, but has she started on her journey towards solo play?

Your toddler and the concept of storage

Since the cradle of civilization, the concept of storage has been a vitally important part of human history, and your baby could learn that same lesson that her thousands-of-years-ago ancestors did any day now!

Being a good role model through the toddler years

To your baby, you are the blueprint for humankind. Really! You're the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, and one of the only adults she is well acquainted with. That means you're also her number one role model, which is as cool of a responsibility as it sounds.

Making your own family's traditions

There's nothing like a new baby for forming a whole new version of your family, and with a new family somes new family traditions!

Signs your toddler is ready to drop a nap and how to do it

Maybe life would be a lot easier if you had a treasure map that would lead you straight to your toddler's perfect nap schedule, but for now, her cues are the best guide you have.

Swearing around children

Your child's vocabulary is as pure as the driven snow ...right up until she overhears someone react after they stub their toe.

Making story time fun with your squirmy toddler

Toddlers and sitting still go together like peanut-butter and mud - messily. Taming a tempestuous tot long enough to read her a story isn't always easy, but it is rewarding.

Toddler co-sleeping

Co-sleeping, or sleep sharing, is when a child regularly sleeps in her parents' room or bed rather than a room or bed of her own. Many parents will share a room with their children while they're small to be close during nighttime feedings, but is it still a good idea into toddlerhood?

From abstract to impressionism: A toddler art development timeline

Whether she's the next Picasso, or just the next in a long line of teenagers who doodle cartoons in their algebra notes, when she makes art now, your toddler is using and developing a whole host of skills, and her artistic style will continue to grow as she does.

Buying shoes for fast growing feet

your baby's feet are growing just as fast as the rest of her, and she needs shoes that can keep up with her.

Dress up and your toddler

Most toddlers like playing dress up, which is a good thing, because it can have a lot of positive benefits for a young child's development.

Getting your 'baby' used to a big kid bedroom

What's not to love about moving into a big kid bedroom? Well, from your baby's perspective, there may be plenty, from being further from you to not being wild about the curtains you picked out for the nursery. With a little careful negotiation, though, you may be able to talk her into seeing things from your point of view.

Playpens in the second year

When your baby was smaller, her playpen might have functioned more like a second crib, but it can have different uses now that she is a little older.

Making time for your own interests with a mobile child

Babies and toddlers have a way of taking over your entire day, but it's still important to try to make a little time for your own interests.

Toddlers and hair color

Your toddler isn't always going to have such tiny fingernails - and she might not even have the same hair color too much longer - they grow up so fast!

Fun and games: patty cake and other clapping games

Patty cake, paddy cake, pat-a-cake...just put the cake in the oven, okay baker's man?

Tips for encouraging utensil use

Eating cereal with her fingers was adorable for a while, but it's about to be National Utensil Day in the United States of your baby. Introducing forks and spoons into the mix is going to shake up meal time in a major way.

Dealing with fevers as your toddler gets older

Toddler fevers are scary things - they can go sky-high, and they seem to come along a lot more often than adult fevers - so it can help to have an idea of when to worry.

Safe ways to help your toddler enjoy nature

The great outdoors is pretty great, but it's also full of pitfalls. Lucky for your baby, she'll have you by her side as she explores.

Should I still be carrying my toddler?

The answer to this question largely depends on your answer to another: do you still want to be carrying your toddler?

Adding more active play to your toddler's life

your baby may seem active enough all on her own, but adding extra active play to her day-to-day habits can only help her develop healthy habits as she grows - and it can be fun for both of you right now!

14 months old

As your baby is probably working on all sorts of new tricks, like talking and walking, you'll be able to play a more and more active role in her learning and development.

Teaching children to dress themselves

your baby is growing more independent every day - she should be ready to start putting on her socks on her own any day now ...right?

Introducing your toddler to new textures at mealtime

For someone who mostly lived on a liquid diet until very recently, mealtimes can be full of excitement, adventure, and nervousness, and not just because of all the new flavors - the new textures that come with solid foods can throw your baby for a loop, too.

Fun and games: Blowing bubbles

your baby is too young to be trying out bubble gum, but she is mature enough these days to be a serious soap bubble appreciator.

Playground safety rules for your toddler

Whether your toddler loves following rules, or just loves playing on the swings, there's something for everyone in this list!

Thinking carefully about social media sharing

Childhood has never been more digital. You can whip out a camera as fast as you can say "smartphone" and capture hundreds of pictures of your baby's first word, step...bath? When you're considering sharing your baby's picture or information on social media, there are sometimes potential long-term consequences to consider.

Your toddler and body image

When you look at your baby, you see someone amazing - so how can you make sure she sees the same thing?

Help! My toddler doesn't want to come home from daycare

The good news is that your little one really likes her daycare! That's great! The bad news is that you have things to do at home and can't spend all day coaxing your toddler to come with you. How can you get her to come along in a timely manner with minimal tears?

Dealing with other people parenting your kids

Sure, you and your baby may have the occasional ups and downs in your relationship, but that doesn't mean there's anyone else in the world who's better qualified to throw their hat in the "parenting your baby" ring.

Cigarette smoke and your child

Cigarette smoke can be hazardous for young children, and directly breathing it in isn't the only way they can be exposed to it.

My toddler is acting out, is this normal?

So you know toddlers have tantrums, you know it's normal, but it's also normal to look down at your little one mid-tantrum and wonder, "Is THIS what's normal, though?" (Usually, the answer is yes.)

Birthday party etiquette

Whether you've always been a party animal or more of a wall-flower, there's a good chance you haven't spent much time at toddlers' birthday parties since you were, well, a toddler. Toddler parties are different from pretty much every kind, so there's no shame in needing a refresher on your party-manners before you head out!

The effects of play on development

Your toddler may look like she's just kicking back and enjoying herself during playtime, but for toddlers, play is a serious business.

Hiring a babysitter for the first time

No one can take care of your baby like you can, but on days when you need a helping hand, picking the right babysitter is an important skill to have.

What is separation anxiety in toddlers? When does it end?

Your toddler may be bold as a lion when the adventure is exploring somewhere she shouldn't be, but if she transforms into a lamb - an upset lamb - when you try to leave the house without her, she might have a little bit of separation anxiety.

Weaning your toddler off the pacifier

Binkie, paci, dummy: whatever you call it, the time is coming for your baby to drop the pacifier habit, and as the parent, you'll probably have to step in and get the ball rolling.

Fun and games: toys for bath time

Once upon a time, the best bathtub toy was a rubber ducky. But nowadays there are lots more options for entertaining your baby while she is in the tub.

Tips for toddler sunburns

A fun day in the sun can easily be followed by a sunburned day on the couch if you don't have quite enough UV protection. Soothing your toddler when she is dealing with a sunburn takes a magic touch (and a little aloe vera).

The importance of options

Letting your toddler decide what the family has for dinner might seem like a recipe for disaster, but offering toddlers choices is an important part of their mental and emotional growth. That doesn't mean you need to agree to having toast for dinner, bet letting your baby start to make a few more choices could be an important part of her development.

5 simple household objects that double as toddler toys

When your baby is bored with everything in her toy box, don't despair - pretty much anything counts as a toy when you're under 2, the thing that matters the most is the novelty factor.

Party planning with a toddler: The survival guide

your baby doesn't have to put an end to your social life, if you're used to being the life of the party - you just might want to move the party forward so it starts a few hours earlier...and lasts a few hours less.

Are big vacations worth it with a toddler?

your baby probably hasn't seen too much of the wider world yet - is travel the way to fill the gap? Many families find that traveling together helps make them closer, but traveling with a toddler in tow also comes with its own unique challenges.

When your toddler grows out of an old favorite

It's wonderful when your little one finds a favorite thing. If it's a favorite pair of shoes, you know there's always one pair your baby is willing to wear. If it's a shirt, she has a go-to outfit for special days. But when your baby's favorite item starts to disintegrate or get too small, favorite items have to slowly transition to former favorites.

Help! My toddler is meaner to me than to other caregivers

Is your toddler all sunny skies with babysitters, but stormy when you come home? It's not much fun, but it's a pretty seasonally appropriate forecast for toddlers everywhere.

Talking to care providers about allergies

Having a child who has an allergy can be scary, but having that child cared for by someone else is even scarier. The more thoroughly you talk to your baby's care provider, though, the more prepared they'll be if she ever does have an allergic reaction.

Helping your toddler bond with grandparents and other relatives

Grandmas are toddlers' best friends, right? But your toddler has to get to know hers before she learns that important fact.

Ear infections in the toddler years

Toddler ear infections can be scary for you and uncomfortable for your baby, but they're common enough during the toddler years that they shouldn't be able to take you by surprise.

Making sure your toddler gets proper nutrition

Healthy eating is one of the most important ingredients that go into a healthy life, and your little one is right in the middle of setting up patterns that could effect the way she eats for the rest of her life. No pressure, though.

Preparing for your toddler's first non-family babysitter

your baby may be a pro when it comes to being babysat by close friends and relatives, but having a babysitter she doesn't know yet is a whole different ball game.

Keeping events uneventful with a toddler

It's a great big world out there, and your baby has only seen such a small part of it so far - but taking a little care when you're introducing her to big events can make them more enjoyable for both of you.

Fun and games: Sensory bins

Sensory bins - all the exploration of outdoor play, but without having to dress for the weather!

Toddlers and the bedtime routine

Your toddler is even more active than when she was a brand new crawler, exploring the world for the first time - and her rest is more important than ever.

When your toddler hates diaper changes

Dirty diapers are smelly and gross. You know this. your baby knows this. So why is she resisting diaper changes, all of a sudden?

Childproofing: the next chapter

You've baby-proofed, and maybe even toddler-proofed, but your child is turning into exactly that - a child - and with that comes a whole new chapter in your -proofing adventures!

Childproofing: the next chapter

You've baby-proofed, and maybe even toddler-proofed, but your child is turning into exactly that - a child - and with that comes a whole new chapter in your -proofing adventures!

Your toddler's growing sense of organization

She may not be up for alphabetizing anything yet, but your toddler is getting better and better with the basic concepts surrounding organization every day!

Your toddler's understanding of time

"Five more minutes!" may end up being your baby's favorite phrase in a few years, but these days, it's all Greek to her.

Can toddlers have sweets?

Whether it's your baby's birthday or her first big holiday, eventually, the question of sweets in her life is going to come up, and when it does, you're going to want to have an answer ready.

The importance of getting messy

Toddlers look cutest when they're covered in mud, baby powder, finger paint, or food, no? What do you mean "no"? Okay, maybe they also look cute when they're squeaky clean, but messes can play an important part in a child's growth and development.

Toddler dancing development

Has your baby got rhythm? The height difference may be a little tricky to navigate, but she could definitely be the most enthusiastic dance partner you'll ever have.

Buying clothes for a toddler

As adults, our clothing sizes are pretty predictable. We gain weight, and lose weight, but rarely do people fluctuate more than a few sizes in a short amount of time. Toddlers on the other hand? Totally different story.

How to get your toddler out the door on early days

It's nice that your baby loves her home so much, but sometimes you need to get out of the house with a limited amount of dilly-dallying. On especially early days, parents can use all the help they can get to move themselves and their little ones out the door.

Toddler fashion choices that can be safety hazards

All the world's a runway, so it's important to make sure your baby takes a safe walk across that catwalk.

When should I stop using baby shampoo?

Now that your baby is less of a baby and more of a toddler, a lot of her baby things have disappeared. Eventually, baby shampoo will end up going with them.

When will my toddler develop a sense of humor?

your baby might laugh at things that you do, and you might laugh at things that she does...but does that mean she has a sense of humor? When it comes to some jokes, yes! When it comes to others...not at all.

Why do some toddlers hate having their hair washed?

Bubbles, rubber duckies, what's not to like about bathtime? If your toddler would answer, "why, hair-washing of course," you're not alone.

Ways to keep your cool with a toddler

your baby's tantrums can be enough to make you want to throw one of your own. Here are a few thoughts to keep you leading by example when your little one's temper starts to boil over.

Fun and games: Edible finger paint

Anything wet and colorful and fun on your baby's fingers needs to be edible...because it's definitely going in her mouth. Hello, edible finger paint!

Your toddler and other people's pets

Whether you have pets of your own or only see animals at the park or zoo, there's special etiquette for your baby to learn when it comes to other people's pets.

A toddler's growing immune system

It can be frustrating when your toddler grows out of what seems like a brand new pair of shoes - again - but one kind of growth is pretty much always a positive: your baby's immune system. It's been growing since the day she was born, and look how big and strong it's getting!

Your toddler the escape artist

If your toddler jumps into the possibility of adventure feet-first, it can make keeping an eye on her a little tricky.

Toddler-friendly art projects

your baby is all about learning to express herself these days, so why not add the universal language of art to her arsenal?

When to start thinking about preschool

Preschool can help your baby transition into a more structured setting and learn more about socializing, following instructions, and being in a classroom. If you think you might want to send your baby to preschool, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When to stop using the high chair

The high chair may be a fixture in your kitchen or dining room today, but before you know it, your baby will be ready to squirm off of the adult-sized chairs when she is avoiding dinner.

When your toddler is afraid around a relative

Not every toddler is a social butterfly, but some shyness is more of a developmental stage than a character trait.

What if my child still isn't walking?

Walking is one of those milestones it's easy to get antsy about if your baby doesn't start moving towards it fast enough, but the window for a normal, healthy timeline of first steps is a wide one.

Splish splash: outdoor water activities for toddlers in the summer

So many amazing childhood memories can be made outside in the summer with just a hose or a sprinkler. Water activities give toddlers the opportunity to be active, outdoors, and a little cleaner than usual! That is, until you factor in all the potential for mud activities.

Teaching your toddler about giving gifts

your baby has the skill of receiving gifts down, but when it comes to giving them gracefully, she may still need a little practice.

Coping with daycare germs

Daycare can help children grow in so many ways ...including their immune systems. Knowing how to cope with the illnesses that come with that growth can make your life a little easier until your baby's immune system is tough enough on its own.

Your toddler and nighttime wandering

Whether she's trying to discover a new continent or just make her way into your bed, it's not easy when your toddler thinks of her own bed as just a suggestion at night

Signs of food allergies in toddlers

Food is just one of the many frontiers your toddler is exploring these days, and as exciting as it is, it can come with hidden dangers, so it's important to know what to watch for.

16 months old

your baby has always been able to HEAR what you say, but these days, she might start to do better in the listening department.

Toddlers and multivitamins

Not all vitamins are massive, stone-colored pills. But are even the cheerful gummies and chalky cartoon chewables needed in your child's diet?

Signs of vision problems in toddlers

You and your toddler may not always see eye to eye, but it's important to make sure that difference of opinion comes down to the fact that you're both individuals with unique points of view, and not a problem with her developing vision.

Your toddler and fancy clothes

Is it time to get your baby all gussied up? Hollywood glam squads could learn a thing or two about from watching parents get their toddlers dressed up for fancy events. There is skill, precision, and a little bit of bribery involved, but it's all worth it to see the cutest person in the world in her fanciest clothes.

Apologizing to your toddler

Everyone messes up, and when they do there are two big words they need to say. Having to say them to someone who looks up to you makes it even harder to do, but it's also even more important.

When should a child use silverware?

Of course an infant can't use a spoon and fork - and of course teenagers generally can. But the point when that changes is often not as clear in a parent's mind until they have the chance to watch the transition themselves. So when should your little one be able to start to eat a little bit more politely?

Talking to your toddler about your feelings

She might not know how to express them all the time, but, just like you, your baby has a wide emotional range. Talking to her about your feelings will help her understand her own and be able to use them in a healthy way.

Car safety with your toddler

Whether your baby is one of those kids who loves car trips, or would love to never see her car seat again, it's important that she is loving or loathing the car in the safest way possible.

Bright sides of the "mine" phase

Quick, read this article before your baby steals your phone yelling "mine!"

Encouraging your toddler's interests

your baby may not have come into the world with too many specific interests, but now that she's older, as she explores the world, certain parts of it are going to start holding her attention for longer than others.

Establishing dietary rules for toddlers

What will your toddler eat today? A three-course meal, or just a nibble of toast before she notices the crust? Toddler appetites can be hard to predict, which can make establishing nutritious habits tricky.

Helping your fidgety toddler settle down

Toddlers are born to run, but the world around them sometimes needs them to slow down for a little while.

How soon is too soon for potty training?

Maybe you feel like the time to potty train can't come soon enough, but for your baby, it can be hard to figure out when the time is right. Do you know what signs to look for that she might be ready to potty train?

Your toddler and comfort objects

From loveys to blankies, there may be objects in your baby's life that bring her comfort. It can be helpful to understand which ones are most popular with her age group and how they can most effectively do their job of keeping your baby feeling safe and secure.

Making sure your convertible car seat is installed correctly

"Drive safely," takes on a whole new meaning when you've got a toddler on board.

A parent's guide to making friends at the playground

If you think about it, life gives us very few built-in opportunities to make friends. Sure, you have your friends from growing up, and those from school, and maybe those from work...and that's probably about it. Fortunately, you've hit that next stage of friend-making: the playground.

Kitchen safety with a booster seat

You and your baby's high chair have been through thick and thin together, through solids and meltdowns and food fights, and when, eventually, it's time for you to say goodbye to that old friend, it wants you to be able to find the best possible replacement.

The tenets of tidiness: Teaching your toddler about cleaning up

You're the biggest role model your baby has, and she wants to be just like you, which makes now a great time to get her started forming good habits around cleaning.

Handling public events like a pro (with a toddler in tow!)

You may not be taking your baby out for a night on the town any time soon, but a day at the beach, or the fair, or even at a party might be right within your grasp!

Praise and self-esteem

You know there's some sort of mystical, magical balance you're supposed to strike between praising your child and spoiling her, but how do you get there? Praise does have an effect on your child's self-esteem, so it's important to be thoughtful as you laud, cheer, and compliment your little one.

Matching clothes for multiples?

The idea of matching babies is seriously cute, but should twins really match all the time?

Great breakfasts for your toddler

What's a parent to do when one of the family's youngest members is having trouble seeing the importance of the most important meal of the day? Maybe it's time to give breakfast a makeover.

When to stop using baby gates

Baby gates can be life savers when your toddler is just starting to toddle, but as she grows, she will eventually outgrow their usefulness.

When will my toddler waltz? A skills breakdown

Does your baby have her dancing shoes on?

Bore your toddler to sleep: Last-resort bedtime reading

One of the reasons toddlers seem to hate sleep some days is just that they love being awake so much - which is why it's your job as a parent or caregiver to convince them that being awake isn't always that great.

Brushing up on your toddler's oral hygiene

As your toddler get closer and closer to collecting the whole set of baby teeth, it only becomes more important that she takes care of those teeny tiny pearly whites well.

Ways to ask for your toddler's "help" when you're sick

Your toddler has a few things your healthcare provider doesn't. She spends much more time with you, cares about you immensely, truly wants you to feel your best, and, let's face it, is super cute. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a medical degree. Can she still help out when you're sick? Yes!

Turning plastic spoons into art

Running out of art projects? Here are some tricks for turning an ordinary household item into an art project you can keep in your back pocket for rainy days or downtime with your toddler.

17 months old

"17" is a number that doesn't get a lot of love, but we bet your little one sure does.

Night light alternatives and helping toddlers enjoy the dark

Who doesn't get a little spooked when it's dark out once in a while? For toddlers, though, this fear can feel much stronger.

Are we there yet? Fueling up for long car trips with your verbal toddler

Long car trips are one thing when you've got a baby on your hands, but they turn into something else entirely as your baby gets old enough to ask "Are we there yet?"

Fun and games: Rhyming

Sure, your baby may know "cat," "rat," and maybe even "baseball bat," but does she know "diplomat," "thermostat," or "microhabitat"? No? Then you've still got plenty to teach her when it comes to rhyming games.

Fun and games: Rhyming

Sure, your baby may know "cat," "rat," and maybe even "baseball bat," but does she know "diplomat," "thermostat," or "microhabitat"? No? Then you've still got plenty to teach her when it comes to rhyming games.

Things to consider when baby wants a pet

She promises she will take care of it! She will love it so so so much! She will never ask you for anything ever again! Should you let your baby have a pet?

Fostering an interest in science in your toddler

your baby is still on the younger side for complicated lesson plans but it's never too early to get her excited about science.

Packing for an outing with your toddler

Every successful outing with your toddler probably has at least a few of the same ingredients.

Your toddler the performer

Nobody puts baby in a corner. And few people can tell your baby what to do. How can you help encourage your baby to cooperate when her artistic talents are needed for a play, wedding, performance, or other event?

A spoonful of sugar? Convincing your toddler to take medication

Being sick isn't any fun for your baby, either, but at least she doesn't have to convince herself to take her medicine - that task is up to you.

Finding the right toys for your tot

Your toddler is growing out of more than just her shoes - some of her old favorite toys probably don't seem so great to her anymore, either, now that her brain and motor skills have grown so much. So what's your baby's next favorite toy?

Your toddler's attention span

One study estimated adult attention at about 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds since the year 2000. Teaching your baby to have a good attention span can be hard in a world full of distractions.

Strategies for preventing and coping with nightmares

Okay, so you can't always protect your baby from nightmares, but you can make them a lot less likely!

When can or should my toddler go barefoot?

Toddler toes like to be as free as toddler spirits, but are bare feet the way to go?

Expanding your toddler's vocabulary

your baby's vocabulary may not be winning her any spelling bees any time soon, but with your help, the thesaurus of words that she knows is growing every day!

Bathtime games for your toddler

Life's a game for your toddler, and bathtime is no different! There's no reason she can't learn a little from your fun and games, though.

Teaching your toddler to tell the truth

your baby did not chop down that cherry tree! Or did she?

Dining out without the stress

Toddlers and fine dining don't generally go hand in hand, but that doesn't mean you and your baby can't have a night out now and then! All it takes is a little extra good luck and a generous helping of extra planning.

Emergency childcare ideas

Planning ahead is important, but you can't plan for everything - every once in a while, the need for emergency childcare is going to pop up.

Should I make my child hug relatives?

When Grandma opens her arms for a hug and your baby leans into you, hiding her face and shaking her head, what's your next move? Many parents have memories of being pushed to hug relatives and family friends as children, but it might not be the best idea to continue that practice with your little one.

Fun and games: This little piggy gets creative

"This little piggy went to market" is a beloved nursery rhyme for children and parents alike, but there's even more you can do with your little piggies than count them and wiggle them! Let's help those little piggies get creative.

Keeping your car safe from your toddler

It's only right that keeping your baby safe when she is in your car, but once that's settled, there's nothing wrong with taking a few precautions to make sure your baby doesn't do too much damage to your car.

Positive ways for your toddler to channel negative emotions

Everyone has trouble dealing with emotions like anger, but toddlers in particular don't have a lot of practice, or a lot of communications skills for working anger out.

A parent's guide to making friends at the playground

your baby isn't the only one who might be hoping to make a new best friend at the playground! You might be having a slightly harder time, though, since you're probably used to basing friendships on something a little bit more substantial than a shared interest in eating rocks.

Strategies for introducing strange new foods

Whether it's something she has never tried anything like in her life, or just something she hasn't seen much of since it was in season last summer, there's a good chance there has been a food she has taken one look at and thought, "no way."

Teaching toddlers about indoor voices

Your toddler may not be very big yet, but her voice sure can be - which is why the indoor voice is a parent's best friend.

5 steps to grocery greatness with a tot

So the days of the super-fast in-and-out at the grocery store may be behind you, at least on days when you have your littlest helper with you, but there's no reason you can't streamline your grocery shopping process a little!

Healthy lunch ideas for your toddler

Whether you've got a picky eater or a mealtime explorer on your hands, it never hurts to give yourself and your little one some new frontiers to discover when lunch time rolls around!

Learning toys for your one-and-a-half year-old

Learning is fun, but more than that, for your baby these days, having fun is the best way to learn!

Fear and anger in toddlers

Helping toddlers understand their feelings is an important part of a parent's job, but it isn't always obvious what a toddler is feeling.

Toddlers and picky eating

New rule - your baby should only be allowed to have as many quirky eating habits as she has teeth, right? Unfortunately, that's not the type of rule she is likely to follow, so you may have to come up with another plan if picky eating strikes.

Fun and games: Imaginary play

Imaginary play might seem like the most basic kind of game, but for a toddler, it can take a little while to start to grow and develop.

Why you are your toddler's hero

You might not be faster than a speeding bullet or have a lasso of truth (though those would both come in handy with a toddler), but you are a superhero in your baby's eyes!

Silly songs to sing with your toddler

Singing songs with your toddler can encourage her language and social development, while giving you two the chance for some quality time together. Plus in the future, your baby will likely still remember at least two or three songs from this time in her childhood, too.

How tall is my child going to be?

Even now, when your baby is just as cute as a button, it's still natural to wonder about what she will be, and look like, as she gets older. And part of that is how tall she will be.

When can a child brush their own teeth?

your baby is getting more and more independent every day! When she starts reaching for the spoon and trying to feed herself, it can be a sign that she is ready to start trying to take over some feeding duties. Is the same thing true for when she starts reaching for her toothbrush?

Common daycare illnesses that sound scarier than they are

Babies, while adorable, are not known for their cleanliness or attention to hygiene. So when you put a bunch of them in a room together, it's likely that they're swap some germs and share a few illnesses. The most common daycare illnesses might sound scary, but they're usually easy to handle with a few simple treatments.

When should my child move out of the high chair?

If having your baby sitting in a high chair is a big milestone, moving her out of it must be a huge one! But is your little one ready to make the switch?

The evolution of parallel play

Parallel play isn't the toddler version of synchronized swimming, but rather a transitional stage in the development of friendships.

The evolution of your toddler's posture

Once your little one started sitting up and walking without assistance, she started developing her posture! What can you do to make sure she doesn't also develop slouchy shoulders and a back hunch?

When should I stop using the stroller?

A stroller can turn into a home-on-wheels for toddlers and their parents who spend a lot of time on the go, but eventually, it's time for even the most committed stroller-riders to move on.

Hiding while pooping: A step towards potty training

Of all the quirky habits your toddler might pick up, finding somewhere private to make a mess of her diaper can feel like a pretty unremarkable one, but it's a habit that can say a lot about future potty training.

Skin care for toddlers

What's the biggest organ of your toddler's body? Her skin! It's also the part of her body that takes the most wear and tear as she goes charging around having adventures, so it only makes sense that it should get a little extra care sometimes, too.

Delicious dinners for the whole family

The key to life with a toddler is flexibility, and that goes for the foods your family eats for dinner as well as the grocery trips it takes to go and get them.

Fun and games: Sorting

Sorting shapes and colors might not sound like your idea of a wild Saturday night, but for your baby, it can be pretty groundbreaking.

Not quite the foxtrot: Dancing games for toddlers

Life's a dance, and the sooner your toddler learns to move to the beat, the better!

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